Top Questions a Tall Blogger Gets From Strangers

Since I have been writing my blog, which is during the past ten months, I’ve had to publicly live with the fact I am tall. Not that I ever intended to hide it!

The effort to publicise some of my posts made me join the tall people groups on Facebook. And here the fun began.

Now and then, I’d randomly get messages from strangers. Some of them actually rather pleasant, so I don’t mind entering a conversation with them. Others brutally persistent and arrogant, leading to the most logical result: being blocked by me. Others I ignore, sorry.

So, I decided to put together a short summary of the most common, as well as some unusual, questions I get asked. Just for the fun of it.


Height Related Boring Questions
  • The top question, obviously and imminently, is: “How tall are you?” And, then, I can pretty much bet on what the reaction will be: “Nooo, you can’t be that tall! You look average on your pictures!” So I am supposed to argue to prove my height? No, thanks. I prefer to take this as a compliment: “Well, I am lucky to have a proportionate figure, so my height doesn’t show on photos!”
  • Who was tall in your family, your mum or dad?

    The first one in the series of empty/pointless questions. Whether I take it from my mum, dad, or great grandparents, the fact won’t change: I am as tall as I am.

  • Can you find clothes in the shops?

    This question I actually don’t mind too much, so depending on my mood and availability of time, I could actually talk about this. A question which is, not surprisingly, very common. And ever so boring, sorry, can’t help but yawn now.

  • Do you play basketball?

    Really, is there nothing more imaginative you can come up with? Yes, I used to play it, and I, frankly, hated it. But if I admit this, I will enter another endless discussion, so better keep my mouth shut.

  • Are all women in your country so tall?

    How am I supposed to answer this… Haven’t read the latest population count report, sorry.

  • Do you wear heels?

    Now, this is when I feel like screaming. Get a life, will you!

Height Related Weird Questions
  • I am 5’5″, where will I come up to compared to you, your underarms, your chest?

    Honestly? I don’t care.

  • How old was your son when he was my height?

    Now, this rings alarm bells: I must have missed updating the security settings on some Facebook photo, as strangers aren’t supposed to have access to any photos of my kids. Quick, change the settings – now!

  • I am 180/183/184 cm – do you think I’m tall?

    Honestly, you want my opinion? OK, I don’t think you are! Which then leads to a heated discussion aiming to convince me that he is tall. What was the point in asking my opinion, if you were going to disagree anyway?

  • I am 180/183/184 cm, would you date me if we were both single?

    A bit of a pointless question really, as I amΒ  not single… So how does it matter??

Blog (and Sometimes Height) Related Questions
  • Why do you have a blog?

    Because I want to… What else can I say. Why do you do what you do??

  • Why don’t you write about short men?

    Why would I…?

  • Did you write all these posts?

    Huh. Sure I did. I guess I can take this as a compliment, too: I must be like a multi-arm god or something…

This list doesn’t even begin to cover it, but it could start an interesting trail of comments in the Facebook groups – which I look forward to! What is your list of questions, even if you are not a blogger?

P.S. And no, I am not 6’3″ as shown on the photo. A bit taller than this. πŸ˜‰


  1. It’s unfortunate but when you stick your neck out someone will try to lopped it off, going public you never know what people will say been there done that, people don’t have a mental filter,and common sense is not so common any more, I love the fact that people open up it adds to a connection to give a more human appeal

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  2. As the official short person here, I feel called upon to say that I also played basketball a bit when I was a kid, and I loved it. I was, predictably, pretty much useless, but I did like it. And yes, I was and still am taller than the basketball.

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  3. I love how tall women are expected to play basketball. I’m taller at 5’8″ than most women I know. In sports, tall women also play volleyball or are swimmers. When I have been in a room with my (former) aquatics colleagues, most of whom were swimmers and/or lifeguards, a large percentage of them were as tall or taller.

    My whole family is tall and fair–think Irish/Vikings. My dad, brother and me are redheads and tall. Brother is 6’4″, Dad was 6’1″ My brothers’ spouses are tall and blond, both ladies 5’10” (sorry, I;m American and am metrically-challenged). My daughters are 5’7″ and 5’9″. Individually, we’re not exceptionally tall, but when when we are all together and all walk into a restaurant, trust me, EVERY head turns. Here comes the tall family.

    I wished I was a little taller, but you have embraced your vertical self! Love it, and love your blog!

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    • Thanks very much for taking the time to write this long comment, Terri, really appreciate it! We are indeed expected to play sports, which is why I did it, just gave in. I first played handball, then volleyball, and finally basketball. A rowing coach has also been chasing me for years. All this when I was younger, obviously. And I know what you mean about tall family, as ours was like that (although taller, of course). πŸ™‚

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  4. I think tall women are gorgeous–IF they stand up straight and hold their heads up instead of hunkering down to “be like them.” There are women here who are over 6′ and I always smile when I see how they carry themselves–like the goddesses they are!. I was one of the “shortest” as a preteen but grew 5 inches in one year to be one of the tallest. Finally, people could see me!

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  5. I’m 6’3 too and could probably write a book. The trick is to have some odd replies. One question I get from young mothers goes like “what did you eat as a child?”, as if they can learn something about nutrition. When I was a toddler it turned out that I regularly outcompeted our dog for his dinner, so I look them in the eye and truthfully say “oh, quite a bit of dog food”..

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    • Ha ha, good one! I used to say that my parents put fertiliser in my shoes. Thanks very much for your comment, feel free to follow the blog or like its page on Facebook.


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