Bloggers Need Thick Skin

I published my 100th post yesterday. Well done, I thought to myself, tap on the back. So I headed over to my blog’s Facebook page to share the WordPress badge with my followers:


Minutes later, someone commented: “Fake”.

My first reaction was: huh, wtf? Why would anyone even think this? And, a bit surprisingly to myself, I was actually hurt.

So, why indeed?

Is this human nature nowadays, to suspect something bad or fake everywhere?? To expect that people always have a hidden agenda? Perhaps WordPress bloggers live in a cocoon, in this community of like-minded writers supporting each other with no agenda – just to help each other grow? Unlike the “real” world where people always look for something to criticise or find faults with?

So, here was my wake up call: if I want to establish some sort of online presence, it is imperative to develop a thick skin. As soon as possible.

I can think of one great example for this, if not the best: power blogger OM. I’ve always admired him for freely speaking his mind and not being afraid to challenge. But how on earth do you do this??

Not that at I am afraid of criticism, but constructive criticism is one thing (even if harsh), while blunt unprovoked offence is something different. It will take time to get used to.

Now, sharing my badge on WordPress rather than Facebook, I know that people here will appreciate its value. I am well aware that I am not the most productive blogger, and perhaps this is why I am a tad proud. Another milestone under my belt. And thank you to all those who read my posts and engaged in them!

And oh, promoting the blog on Facebook is not all bad, after all. Yesterday I also got a lovely message from a tall lady who follows my posts through the Facebook page. She said some really nice things about the blog and asked for fashion advice. So, there: on the day when my blog received its first insult, it also received its first reader’s request!

Now, let’s do some research and help my reader.


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