The Importance of Being Hated

So, it turns out that troll’s hate can actually be good for us! At least for me. Thanks to OM who re-blogged my post about bloggers’ necessity for thick skin, my blog has been enjoying a spike in “likes”, comments and new followers – still ongoing.

So, all I can say to that “follower” is thanks for commenting! Plus, someone suggested that haters show that I’ve made it into the blogsphere. It’s flattering to think that maybe I have. OK, this was a joke, but who knows…

Therefore, how can I resist sharing my new badge!! Here it is, not fake at all – earned with my hater’s help!!

P.S. The number of “likes” is going up – as we speak. I wouldn’t mind to be hated now and then for a change, would you??



  1. I’m smiling at how things work out, it is an experience isn’t it. I am sure many of us could swap some interesting tales. Have fun “stat watching”.


  2. As you gain popularity, expect more of these clowns to come out of the woodwork trying to get a rise out of you to give them some attention. I once read that there’s something like 10% of people you’ll just never get along with or they’re just born to hate. Anyway, stick to your guns and keep doing your own thing!

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  3. Fake!

    Just kidding. πŸ˜‰ I was the 108th like. Not sure what I’ll do if I ever get trolled. Probably play with them a bit – I’ve found over the years that it drives bullies bonkers if you poke fun at them and refuse to take them seriously.

    Congrats on the big milestone!

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