Why My Best Friends Are Short

Right, before anyone tries to argue the opposite, I must say it: I do have friends, OK! Quite a few, as a matter of fact. This is the sort of person I am: surrounded by a network of people close to me. Looking around, though, I can’t help but notice a certain trend: none of them are tall. Not even one! A bit weird, isn’t it? Got me scratching my head: why is that? Why?

So, here is a list of reasons I was able to identify!


1. No Single Particular Reason

It simply happens: mainly because there are not many tall girls that I know. And even if there are some, I don’t necessarily have to like them, right? After all, we pick our friends for reasons other than their size.

Truth be told, I did have one tall friend many years ago, but wouldn’t call her a bestie. Why not? Just read on. I also had a few tall male friends, but, let’s face it: you just can’t help but end up having a crush on them. At least I can’t. My soft spot: tall men, hey…

2. No Vanity/Hidden Agenda

My best friends don’t care about my height. Or my weight, for that matter. They won’t ask me questions like: “Just how tall are you exactly?”; ” Do you think I am tall?”; “What is your shoe size?” It makes no difference to them whatsoever, as all they care about is my friendship and whether our characters click. Same goes for me. Interestingly, my best friends are usually (a tad) overweight. Does this mean I preach them about the importance of dieting and exercising? Not at all: I couldn’t care less what their size is, and am grateful to them for feeling the same way about me. Now, where is that box of chocolates…!

3. Meaningful/Deeper Communication

As our clothes and shoe sizes are different, the likelihood of chit chatting about what we got and where from is pretty much non-existent. We will definitely acknowledge each other’s new buys (“Hey, I love your new coat, hun!” sort of thing), but we won’t make this the main topic of a conversation. Not that there is anything wrong in having a fashion conversation, or a rant about the lack of fashion resources for us, tall girls, but, after all, there are far more important things that connect us. We can talk about many other things – and so we do.

I am not saying that this is all I would be talking about with a tall friend – God no. And still, it feels good to just ignore this topic for a change.

For those who follow my blog and get its philosophy, it will be clear that No 2 and 3 combined are the reasons why I blog:

There is more to me than being tall, and more things I want to be talking about or focusing on!
4. No Competition Over Men/Trust Issues

OK, I am going to be honest: this should have been reason No 1! This is the ultimate advantage of having a friend totally opposite your size. Although, sod’s law, we cannot exclude the possibility of a tall man going after a short girl, none of my short friends have ever shown interest in the men I dated. Tall territory is just that: hands off my tall men!

Which is why that tall friend of mine wasn’t my bestie. While trying to fix me up with that ever so tall basketball player, she hooked up with his brother… who was so hot that it was him I actually fancied. Which comes to show that I couldn’t be trusted, either! Where is that sisterhood everyone is talking about?? Years down the line, after she married and divorced that hottie, she admitted to me that the brother she actually had her eye on all that time was… the one I dated. Somehow I never managed to trust her again. She never knew about my crush on her ex, though, so it is possible she may have actually trusted me. Exactly my point!

What I Am Missing Out On

A lot, I guess! For a start, it must be good to be together with someone in the same situation as you – in all respects. Someone who can give you a shopping advice, if you want. Or you can swap shoes and clothes with. Never gonna happen!

Now… I could have left it at this. But, being the honest blogger that I am, I just realised: I do have a tall friend. Well, maybe not a bestie, but a really good one!

Shit! Did I just prove myself wrong?

I don’t think so! Reading all this back, everything I just said applies to her. Which proves that, after all, it is possible to find a tall friend… just not very. 🙂


  1. This post definitely rings true for me since I’m 6’2. In college, most of my friends were short – some even a full foot shorter than me and if I wore heels, it was more like 1.5 feet shorter! It was no big deal and my friends even became so accustomed to my height that when a stranger would say “Wow! You’re so tall”, my friends’ response would be “Hmmm…You really don’t seem that tall to me anymore”. I find #4 particularly amusing. I imposed a strict dating rule on all of my friends and they knew they better follow it to avoid my wrath – they weren’t allowed to date any guys over 6’2. Any guy 6’2 and under they could have. That’s pretty generous, right? Anyways, I have a couple of tall friends and a tall sister that I can chat with about “tall” topics when the need arises. Also, I really love interacting with all of the ladies I found once I started writing my tall blog. It’s a great community!

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    • Hey, thanks so much for reading and commenting! It’s so cool when other tall bloggers get involved. 🙂 I was a bit worried that some tall people may find this post a bit offensive – glad to see this is not the case with you. 😉


  2. Speaking as this comment thread’s official short person, I’d like to say that I’m often unconscious of how much I am than my friends. A few years ago, a friend and I traded cars with a friend for a day (long and boring story), and it was the first time I noticed how much taller she was: I got into the driver’s seat and was nowhere near the pedals. Or the steering wheel. I sat there and laughed for a good long while before I pulled myself together enough to slide the seat forward.

    And yes, I could see over the steering wheel.

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    • Good job you did! Being the lazy bitch that I am, I never wash my car myself, so whenever I take it from the car wash, I always have to pull the seat back. The guys who cleaned my car were obviously in the same position as you. 😉


      • When I take the car anywhere that someone else is going to have to drive it (oil change/ repair/etc), I try to remember to slide the seat back so they can actually get in. Back when I drove cab, another driver pulled my cab up in a long cab line at the airport (I was probably in someone else’s cab, watching a card game), and the seat was up so far he accused me of trying to strangle him. I’d never thought about it before that. Which, I guess, shows how truly clueless I can be.

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      • Hmmm, I wouldn’t have thought about that, either! I don’t mind the seat position that much, but what really drives me potty is that they change the position of my wing mirrors. I have to spend absolute ages to then re-adjust them.

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  3. Hey Angie, I came across your
    Blog when looking at jackets. I saw you mentioned Dorothy Perkins. I am
    Just wondering how tall you are. I am 5″11 with very long arms. I struggle
    To find jackets that are long enough for me in the sleeve. I’m sure you
    Mentioned your height before but I’m
    Not familiar with this site.
    Thank you!!!

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