In Love With ASOS’ Spring Collection 2015. Express Tall Fashion Review

Eureka! I reinvented the wheel! I’d heard all about ASOS and how I should give them a try, but somehow always doubted their length. Maybe because the women who recommended them to me are not nearly as tall as I am. Or maybe because to me this was just another high street brand, and they, let’s face it, keep letting us down on a regular basis. New Look’s jeans and trousers only appear to be about 35″; Dorothy Perkins consistently shorten the length of their supposedly tall range… So why would ASOS be any different?

Now that I have ordered from this brand for a second time, I am convinced: their tall range is truly tall!

For the record, I am 6’4″, inner leg 36″- to give you an idea how their clothes look on someone of my height.

For a change, I didn’t shop during the sales this time. I got tempted by the 20% off dresses campaign (still ongoing at the time of posting this review, by the way). Here is the result of my blind shopping experiment:

ASOS TALL Midi Dress in Spot Print


To say I love it would be an understatement. The fabric is light and silky, which makes it fall really nicely. The skirt is completely underlined, to avoid any embarrassment caused by lightweight fabrics that tend to appear see-through in the sun. The length is longer, which is exactly what I wanted.

This dress is definitely for the hotter weather, so I either have to hope for a blazing summer this year (in England, huh), or just pack it in my luggage when I go on holiday.

The cut above the stomach gives it a playful detail, but also makes the skirt fit your waist naturally. It somehow takes the body shape without having to be adjusted, and it seems like it may even hide the bloated belly on those dreaded days of the month.

No more words. I am in love with this dress.


My other mission:

To find myself decent work trousers!

ASOS is the place to go. Their value is excellent (£22 for the pair below), and the cut is good. Unlike their competitors from Dorothy Perkins who completely lost me as a shopper for trousers (after being their customer for nearly fifteen years!). I just sent back (again!) two pairs of trousers from their current collection. Their tall black bootleg trousers are (hurrah!) long enough, but after ordering two different sizes I still cannot say that either of them fit me well. Their black slim bootleg trousers are far too short, so be warned: these are like crop trousers, which obviously isn’t the intention. It’s just not worth trying to find trousers from DP anymore, so after a number of desperate attempts, I give up.

But, here is what I got from ASOS:

ASOS TALL Longer Length Trousers In Wide Leg With Side Buckles

Hey, I do apologise for the quality of my photos! Now I understand why a lot of fashion bloggers take selfies. Surely it can’t be that difficult for my family to take a decent picture of me, is it?? Deep sigh.


I decided to experiment with the length, as refused to believe that their “Longer Length” is indeed longer. Well, it is! Look at my feet. For a first time in my life, I will actually have to take the hem up! I wouldn’t want to send this pair back, though, as I love the fit around the waist, and especially the buckles detail:


So, thank you to the girl who tweeted me a couple of months ago to say that ASOS’ tall range is to die for. This time I decided not to go mad and give into more temptations, but will definitely keep an eye out for their special offers and sales from now on. I am now officially an ASOS fan!




  1. If it fits wear if it doesn’t don’t I’m not sure that I totally understand, I’ve been all sorts of sizes in my life and I’ve been frustrated by stores who don’t carry my size,there was a time when I can remember that I had a 48 waist and I couldn’t find anyone who carry it now that was a very long time ago so now is this the kind of problem you come up against?

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