Fashion Advice for Tall Children

Time for fashion advice again. This time the question comes from another tall blogger, Long. Leggy. Lovin It!, and one of her readers:

“Tall Moms – I need your help! A reader asked this question about her tall daughter – “Do you have any fashion advice for tall children? My two year old is in a 4-5T, and the next size up is in big kids clothes. As much fun as shopping is, I’d rather have her in more age appropriate stuff. I know it’s not a big problem right now, but it will be when she’s 10 and is in teens’ clothing sizes”. Any tips from the fabulous tall moms out there?”

I must say, this one got me thinking, and, unfortunately, there is no magical solution just yet – unless some clothing manifactures decide to fill this niche! Or unless you are clever enough to make clothes yourself – which, unfortunately, I am not.

In my experience, when kids are young, there are no real issues as far as their clothing is concerned. Problems begin when children get to that age when we have to start looking for adult clothes and shoes for them.

Advice for Girls

My little girl is nearly two and already 1 metre tall. I haven’t bothered trying to have her height predicted for two reasons:

1. I somehow never trust the accuracy of such predictions.

2. I am not sure I want to know. Not yet. I just hope she won’t tower over me one day, as I can just about cope with my own height.

At this stage, it is easy to shop for clothes for her. All I do is buy sizes for slightly older children, and there is plenty of choice out there. I am particularly fond of H&M and love to shop kids stuff on their sales.

What happens when my little girl grows up?

This is an issue I won’t face for another few years, but as the market is at the moment, what I’d probably do is look at high street stores oriented towards the younger generation:


New Look Tall

Top Shop’s tall range

Dorothy Perkins’ tall range

Next Tall Range

Gap Tall Range, and probably more.

I probably wouldn’t buy clothes for a tall teenager from Long Tall Sally: far too classical and mature looking, in my opinion. That’s a brand I’ll keep to myself for the time being.

Advice for Boys

This is when it gets tricky. And I mean tricky! I am entering this stage now and, honestly, haven’t got a clue. My tall fashion blogging expertise extends to women fashion only, simply because this is what I have experience of. Pretty soon I will have to expand it to meet my son’s needs, though.

He is 9 and half and about 155 cm. Now that he can no longer fit into junior shoes, we have an issue. He just won’t like what we suggest for him. And I don’t blame him: why would a young boy like adult shoes? They are just not funky enough.

So, if any of my readers has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!


  1. 1. I NEVER did any of those “predictions” they are ancient and my kids are my kids. They will be tall. Dur. I was taller than my predictions and my brother was shorter. Who cares. 2. My 11 yr old left the kids section 2 years ago. She is 11 now and we manage to find age appropriate clothes no problem. I know where to shop. She is also almost my height, she has 4 inches left to go before she is and she will be taller than me, and I am over 6 ft. Thats life. She went through the scare that she had gigantism, but I think she is over that now. It is just now starting to be a problem getting pants long enough, she is very skinny and her legs are longer than her size. (size 1 and 5 ft 10) I will just order clothes. Not that big of a deal. A lot of people do it. I am lucky my other kids are boys and they are well proportioned so there is no problem. My oldest is 6 ft 6 and he wears a 34/34 and a size L no problem. They wear sizes 13 and 12. Easy peasy. We are not giants, though. I could imagine it was a problem if you were 7 ft like I see some people. My boys grew 3 inches every year, like clockwork, until my oldest grew 4 inches and then stopped. My middle one has seemed to stop at 6 ft 2, a decent size. (Kind of suprising) He may have a spurt. Who knows. If he doesn’t his sister will be taller than him. He’s OK with that, he’s a nice boy.

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    • Thanks very much for your comment, Sarah! I don’t usually worry about something until I have to, and the tall market has improved immenseley over the past few years. I hope we will be like you and manage without problems!


  2. We had to buy trousers from the slim range for several years for my daughter. Leggings and tights were useless as waist far too big on the length we needed.

    Just getting to the other side of it now we can find supermarket brand leggings and tights that fit. Morrison’s tights come up nice and slim. I have a skinny 8 year old wearing 11-12 tights that hug her waist.

    Keep shopping around, good luck!

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    • Thanks very much for your comment, Lou, much appreciated. With both mine I use belts and sometimes even sew up the waist band, so I will make use of your suggestion. 🙂


  3. Hey there! My daughter just turned 2 years, is a little over 3 feet tall, and is predicted to be 6’1″. Her dad is 6’8″, I’m 5’8″, and everyone else she is blood related to is over 5’10”. We had her height predicted so we’d know what we were looking at as she gets older. I saw one commented mention her son is 6’6, wears a 34/34 and a L comfortably. My reaction to that was wow! He must be in awesome shape! My husband wears a 40/38, a size 15W shoe, and XLT shirts.
    The reason I asked this question of Long, Leggy, Lovin It, is because my daughter is growing like a weed and some stores sell some, well, questionable fashions for youngsters and I sure don’t want my pride and joy looking like some hoochie at 10. lol
    I do appreciate all the suggestions and I will certainly be looking into all of them 🙂

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    • How nice of you to respond, thanks very much! I am sorry that I have no easy solutions for you, as I am a mum like you, but I am glad the post triggered engagement and responses. 🙂


  4. I am a tall mom, going through a similar thing with my 4 year old who is in sizes 6-7. And worse I had two older brothers, and was often given their hand-me-downs and later my (sweet lovely beautiful kind)mother bought men’s jeans and pants for me. I don’t think that was a great idea, it can detract from the fun of being feminine if you have a daughter. But what I do embrace is the individuality of being tall. You’ll never “fit in” , and you’ll always “stand out”. So buy the clothes in the sizes that fit, but down-age those clothes with super fun multi colors, cartoons, and/or animal themed clothing (NOT ANIMAL PRINT).

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    • Thanks very much for your comment! I can totally relate to this, as I myself grew up in a communist country where market economy was non existent. I used to wear boy’s trousers, too. There is a very vivid nasty memory that I’ve kept for the rest of my life, or a boy walking behind me and making a comment: “Look, this girl is going to trip over her trousers!” Which was bitterly sarcastic, as I had outgrown my trousers and they were too short. I have never felt more humiliated in my life. 😦


  5. Memories like that can be brutal, especially when you think how he’s going on with his life and not thinking twice about his hurtful words, while you remember them well into adulthood. I’ve definitely had my share of teasing about my height and my hair, and so many other things, but what helps is knowing that we all make mistakes. Where ever that guy is, lets just hope he is a much better man than he was a child.

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