What People Ask Google About All Things Tall, Or How SEO Brings People Onto My Tall Blog

Damn: this would have made a perfect April Fool post! Missed my chance. It is never too late to have some laugh, though.

It is time for me to admit it: my blog is, after all, a tall blog. Although that’s not all there is to it (which is what I keep banging on about), stats show that what bring me most traffic is anything related to the “tall” topic.

Today, I decided to amuse myself with the search terms that bring people onto my blog. I trust you will be amused, too. What did search engine users look for?

Photo from http://www.thelondonspeaker.com

Top search: tall actors

Apparently, being tall must be a good thing for an actor. Otherwise, would people Google this topic so often? Here is what my readers have typed into the search engines:

  • Tall actors; tallest actors; tallest Hollywood actors; top 10 tallest actors; Hollywood tallest actress; Hollywood actors height; actors height; tallest Hollywood actor (hmmm, I may Google this myself, to see what the answer to this is!); actors by height; tallest actors in Hollywood; tall actors in Hollywood; tallest actor; how tall are Hollywood stars; 6’5 actors; actors 6’5 (I can’t help but laugh now, sorry); top tallest actors; Hollywood starts heights; how tall Hollywood stars; top 10 tallest movie actors; actors height 6 4; Hollywood tallest actors; tallest actors 2014; tall celebrity actors; Hollywood high (not height!) chart; Hollywood height chart (this one, obviously, can spell); five tallest leading actors; actors size chart; Hollywood actress height; how tall are the men in Hollywood; who is the tallest actor in the wor; who is tallest Hollywood star; world tallest celebrity; high actEr; tallest actors in the world height; how tall Hollywood stars; tallest men in Hollywood; the tallest actress in the world; tallest actor in word; Hollywood actor height compare… and so on, and so on.

Simply amazing, just how may ways there are to ask the same thing — and how many people are interested in celebrities’ height! Which made them all land onto my blog. Thanks God for Google!

Here is when it gets a bit more interesting:

  • Actor tall
  • Hollywood
  • Really tall actors
  • Height of tall celebrEty local
  • Top Hollywood mAn height
  • Top 10 tall Hollywood
  • All Hollywood actors together
  • No tallest hero in Hollywood
  • Real height of Hollywood actors
  • 10 actors who are not tall (you’ve got to laugh here!)
  • Not tall actors

It turns out, height is sought after in rock musicians, too:

  • Hollywood rock original height
  • Tall vocalist
  • Tall Richie Sambora height; DC Cooper height; Russell Allen singer height
  • Tall singers; worlds top 10 heighted singers; tall men singers
  • Tallest metal vocalist; tall metal musicians; tallest rock stars; tall rock singer; top 10 tall metal musicians; who are the top 10 tallest male heavy metal or rock singers

Being tall search terms that crack me up:

  • Standing out from the crowd height
  • What happens if I saw a tall lady and a tall women
  • What height is good for singers
  • Tallshopacholic
  • Tall blonde heavy metal singer
  • Tall cultures
  • Blog tall smalnes
  • Tall people questions blog
  • Prettybigfeet
  • Taakertv tall blog

And, after all this, I am relieved to see some very relevant searches:

  • Tall blog; tallblog; tall bloggers; tall; tall women blog
  • Tall fashion blog; tall womens fashion blog; tall woman fashion blog; UK tall fashion blog; being tall blog; being tall women blog UK
  • Extra tall tights; extra tall hosiery
  • Large women email
  • Tall girl big feet; shoes for big feet UK
  • Shooting tall models
  • Cost of clothing during winter UK
  • Where to buy dress for tall thin daughter
  • Tall women maternity clothing UK

And, the cherry on top search, although not height related:

Top 10 ugliest mAn in heavy metal.







  1. My wife, for some odd reason is obsessed with the height of celebrities. Male of female, young or old, doesn’t matter. If someone is on TV, in sports, or a movie, she wants to know their height. In all other aspects of the celebrity culture, she couldn’t care less, but height….
    I bet she was brought here with search terms like that.

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  2. Conclusion: Either people are crazy or Google is. Or both.

    My favorite is What height is good for singers? Call me old fashioned, but I’d think you’d be smart to worry about your voice first. Especially since you’re not likely to have much luck changing your height.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I honestly only ever check my blog’s statistics in order to see what google terms have brought people to my blog. They are rarely relevant. My “favourite” was when someone had googled for a picture of a lion ripping apart a pig. Seriously? And that brought you to my blog?

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  4. Thanks Angie, that is a fascinating list. I’ve looked at mine and it is tempting to tailor my writing to what people are searching for, but I think that would detract from my site. Very tempting though…

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Haha, very fun one – I guess all we tall bloggers have been there; looking at these search queries and almost getting lost in what to write about. It serves as good inspiration on what to call your post or what to aim for in terms of focus keywords – but writing dedicated articles to all those crazy terms would probably be a lot of hard and weird work 🙂


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