No More Crappy Photos (She Says)

I wonder if anyone has noticed: the photos in my yesterday’s fashion post are of, actually, decent quality. Yupee!

No, I haven’t been dilusional so far: I was aware that my photos weren’t that good at all. Somehow the only person who takes good photos on my phone is… me. Which explains why my fashion pictures are of poor quality: they weren’t taken by my phone’s owner!

Now that I realise that my fashion posts are rather popular amongst tall people’s online groups, I decided to invest into a decent camera. A smart one, too, as I can’t cope with fiddling with memory cards, USB cables, error messages, looking for someone more technically capable than me, etc. Which is why I went for the same brand as my phone. Anything for an easy life!

No more crappy photos, then?


Let’s hope so. I have also plucked up the courage to go on Instagram. Who knows, I may one day land a modelling contract: for plus size, extra tall aging customers!! Which is where we should remind ourselves not to take things too seriously.

And, still, no excuse for bad, blurry photos anymore right??


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