Long Tall Sally Denim Review – Which Look Do You Choose?

A few weeks ago, I needed new jeans. After comparing three brands (see post here), I admitted that Long Tall Sally‘s fit and length were the best. Since then, I somehow ended up with another couple of pairs of their jeans: perhaps I tried a bit too hard to find my perfect fit! I didn’t have the heart to let them go, so my wardrobe is now a happy place.

Approximately ten years ago, I had sworn to never ever buy jeans from Long Tall Sally: their fit was terrible. Nowadays, it seems to have improved significantly – although, admitted by their own store staff, their sizing at the moment is all over the place.

This is why I was very curious to receive a pair of jeans of my choice as a gift directly from the LTS marketing team: to try it and give them my opinion. Grateful for this opportunity, I decided to review these jeans together with the other two pairs by LTS I recently purchased.

Pair 1. Long Tall Sally Flare Jean

When asked to choose a pair to try, I decided to experiment with a type of jeans I would not normally buy myself: flare leg, high waist. This is just not my style: I always go for boot cut, as nothing else looks decent on me. Here is the look I can pull – in combination with two jackets:

Long Tall Sally flare/wide leg
Long Tall Sally flare/wide leg and my favourite denim jacket from a very old LTS collection

Long Tall Sally flare/wide leg
Long Tall Sally flare/wide leg and a jacket from LTS’s new collection
Long Tall Sally flare/wide leg
Long Tall Sally flare/wide leg and same jacket from LTS’s new collection

Although not a fan of flare jeans, I must admit: this pair converted me. The high waist, contrary to my expectations, doesn’t emphasise the size of my stomach: on the contrary, it actually helps shape my curves nicely: unexpected bonus! The length of the jeans is an inch longer than my usual size (37″ rather than 36″), which looks rather nice.

Overall, I would say this is a lovely pair of jeans. They feel comfortable and flattering, and make me feel sexy: all the things you would expect from a good pair of jeans. My only criticism is the fabric. I am not entirely sure the material can justify the price of these jeans. I recently bought a pair of skinny jeans made by Belle Grande (see post here), which at the bargain price of £10 (still available to buy here!) are made of very similar denim. The difference in price, though, is staggering.

Pair 2. Long Tall Sally boot cut jeans:

Long Tall Sally boot cut
Long Tall Sally boot cut

This is the pair that won my contest between three brands – purchased from Ebay.

Pair 3. LTS Straight Leg Jeans:

Long Tall Sally straight leg
Long Tall Sally straight leg

I never wear straight leg – the reason is obvious: just look at this piggy in a blanket. Bought for £12 from a Facebook page for tall clothing, the damage wasn’t after all too bad, and the look is sort of acceptable. One more reason to start losing weight – now!

As for the jacket, I had it on my radar for weeks. Not too willing to take the risk of paying postage and having to return the jacket, I stayed put – until I visited a store and tried it on. One of those “got to have it” moments – despite the high price for a, pretty much, basic denim jacket. The cut is fantastic, slightly fitted, and it looks like it has been tailored for me. Perfect.


So, which look do you choose? After all the experiments with different styles, I still prefer the boot cut, but most of all, I prefer this look – with a kid’s denim rucksack in the zoo:


After all, this is what jeans are for: to help us feel happy.



  1. I think the Belle Grande skinny jeans look good too so there’s another vote to show your husband and son. haha! I can’t believe how affordable they are!! I resisted skinny jeans until last year and now I’m hooked. I typically wear longer tops that cover my bum etc. and I find them to be really comfortable and flattering. I also like that you can easily pull boots on over them or you can show off your favorite flats, sandals or heels because the bottom part of the leg won’t hide/cover any of the shoe. Anyways, moving on to the LTS jeans, I must first say that you’re a bargain hunter extraordinaire. That’s amazing that you found the second and third pair on eBay and FB! I have a lot of stuff from LTS but have yet to try their jeans. I think I like the flare jeans the best and it sounds like you’re loving the fit based on your description.

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  2. Your wide leg jeans that are sold out are

    my favorite, I dont like my jeans tight in the knee. Please get in more.


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