Two Tall Bloggers Meeting Up

Blogging is great: not just for the writing experience and supportive online community. This is also how you can meet close minded people in real life, which is what started happening for me. I am getting excited, as I have now started building up my own network of blogging friends in the UK.

I got to meet a blogger for a first time, in flesh and blood, a couple of months ago: Ellen Hawley. The result was an interesting interview presenting her work and her new book, as well as a long term friendship. Now I have met up with another blogger: tall fashionista Alexandra from My Tall Wardrobe.


We exchanged guest posts a few weeks ago, and now it was time to put a face to the name. Here we are together:


We have lots in common: from height, through kids of similar age, to fashion interests and general outlook on life. Another long term friendship made online? I think so.

She is now working on launching her collection, so there will be more articles to come about her work. In the meantime, our kids can play together while their mums have coffee and chat! And arrange to meet again.




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