Dare Show Your Curves Off? Let’s Talk Bold Summer Joggers

I put my hand up: I am all for comfort. Still, when there is a slight risk of exposing my curves (which I am not at all proud of), I shy away. This summer, however, I decided to challenge myself and join the body confidence campaign. After the embarrassment of wearing skinny jeans, I can admit it: I love this summer’s hit, bold coloured joggers. Regardless of my husband/photographer’s sarcastic comments that my bum looks even bigger in them!

But, first things first: let’s define joggers. I am not talking stretchy jersey type, like the ones you wear at the gym. Although I didn’t refuse myself this guilty pleasure either. H&M don’t have a tall range, but these joggers are nearly as long as I need them to be, so here is a new pair for wearing around the house – or at the beach:

H&M summer sale joggers (£7); Dorothy Perkins Tall Vest (a million years old) and Adidas flip-flops (a couple of seasons back)

The joggers I am in love with are the semi-casual type, made of polyester or chiffon. Like these:

Dorothy Perkins last season tall range joggers; Long Tall Sally Sandals (a thousand year old)

So, let’s start with the bad news: they won’t make you look slim. In fact, they emphasise your curves. If you are anything like me, i.e. not so body confident and conscious of your imperfections, you will probably struggle to embrace this fashion hit. On the positive side, though, curvy equals feminine. Or so they say.

The good news: Dorothy Perkins’ length seems to be back to normal – at least as far as this type of trousers is concerned. Their choice is pretty decent, too, and with the great value they offer during the sales, you can take your pick (or two). Here are mine:

Dorothy Perkins Tall Khaki Plain Joggers

Vest and shoes by Long Tall Sally, joggers as described

These do actually look flattering (my opinion, not my other half’s, though!), so I will happily wear them to work on a scorching day when frying in the office.

Dorothy Perkins Tall Red and Black Poppy Joggers:


I can tell from now, these will be my favourites at the beach this summer, or on a warm night at the seaside. I am not sure I would wear them in town, or on a shopping trip (jeans, being my second skin, feel like a more appropriate choice for most occasions), but wearing any of these pairs outside my own house will be an achievement.

Dare show my curves? We shall see. Wish me luck.

In the meantime, your opinion is, as usual, warmly welcome. How would you wear these?


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