Skinny Jeans – So Right Or So Wrong?

Everyone has their body hangups. Mine are my legs. Although, admittedly, they are what I receive most compliments for, you will never see me wearing leggings — apart from the gym. Or skinny jeans — never ever. Let’s say, I have my reasons.

Today, I decided to experiment: I bought myself a pair of skinny jeans — online, i.e. not having had a chance to try them on. To me, this is a gamble. Biggest ever. The result is for you, my readers, to judge!

Why did I decide to give it ago? Bear in mind, I am a bit of a coward: don’t tend to take fashion risks, and pretty conservative as far as my jeans are concerned.

Four Good Reasons

No 1. To Try A New Brand – Belle Grande

I became aware of this amazing tall clothing brand, Bell Grande, from our contacts through social media. I’ve never bought anything from them — only admiring them from a distance. Up to now, that is.

No 2. Sneak Preview/Unveiled Secret

I will be presenting this brand in great detail in the near future, so be warned: this is just a teaser. They are working on their new collection, which, I understand, is going to be fabulous: the perfect tall collection.

No 3. The Price

The jeans are sold on Ebay – here. Let’s face it, for £10 plus postage you can’t go wrong. Even if they don’t fit me well, I can wear them around the house, right! Plus, the seller operates a 14-day return policy (buyer pays return postage).

No 4. Body Confidence Quiz

Last and most important reason: to challenge my body hangups and face the fear of exposing my legs to the public. To decide whether I should stay clear of skinny jeans, or whether I can actually wear them. Let’s call this a body confidence quiz, and see what my audience says. Maybe this will convert women like me to overcome their insecurities and start wearing skinny jeans? Or it may just reaffirm our fears.

So, the spotlight is now on my readers to pronounce the verdict:

Skinny Jeans – For or Against??




Please, be honest! And, don’t forget to like Belle Grande on Facebook — here.


  1. I think they look good on you but do you feel good in them because that’s actually more important? I’m short and fat so skinny jeans are not for me but I don’t object to them. Leggings and jeggings on the other hand …. I think leggings look good as a layering item but not as trousers. But, again, if someone feels confident and good in them then they should wear whatever they like.

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    • Thanks for your comment, Laura. Surprisingly, I actually feel good in them, but am not sure I would be brave enough to wear them in public. And I agree with you: leggings are great for layering, as, again, I would not be confident enough to wear them as trousers.

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  2. I seriously don’t understand your hang-up with your legs! Wear on, Warrior Woman!
    I, too, refuse to wear leggings (unless I have some long sweater or shirt to cover my ass) ~ don’t even own a pair.

    I’m very uncomfortable in skinny jeans, feeling like a sausage in over-stuffed casing ~ but that’s just me. Maybe I suffer from body-consciousness too or maybe, at age 51, I don’t feel it’s age appropriate. Though deep-down, it’s all about the comfort, methinks!

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  3. They look great. Of course I’m biased as I live in skinny jeans as they are perfect to tuck into my fancy cowboy boots. If in doubt, buy some awesome boots to go with them!

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  4. They look great on you! Not sure why you’re worried! As others have suggested, a longer top or boots if you don’t feel confident… but they look good regardless!

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  5. I’m with Dale for all the same reasons. Skinny jeans terrify me and I’m sure I’d be terrifying in them! That said, I discovered leggings about a year ago and haven’t looked back. Great for layering – summer and winter. I always, however, wear something that is at least mid-thigh (and only at home) for the rest, it’s usually longer. Whatever, it’s what you feel comfortable in and for what it’s worth, if I had your legs, I might give it a go – even at 52!!!

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  6. Short as I am, I just have to weigh in here: I noticed recently that skinny jeans were starting to make sense to me. Since I’m more or less dyslexic about fashion, that could only mean that the style’s on the way out. And what happened? A few months later, I saw bell bottoms featured in the newspaper. I still have some from the last time they were in style–what was that? 73 years ago? They’re a little weary looking, but they’re the height of fashion. I guess.

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    • I was wondering whether this post would draw your attention, Ellen, as it is not a standard fashion post. 🙂 Yes, the bell bottoms are back in fashion, aren’t they.


  7. I think they look great, and I honestly have the opinion, that skinny jeans (not too tight) flatter almost everyone, but you have to feel good in them. And honestly it took me some time too though, to embrace them, but I’m sure you’ll get there and then you’ll be wondering how you could have ever worn another jeans as they ABSOLUTELY fit to everything! 😉

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  8. Being a tall gal too I was against skinny jeans for the longest time ever. I long legged (34in inseam) and hippy so I’m thinking…yes lets accentuate my hips my making me look like a pear on toothpicks. But honestly I’ve been wearing them the past couple of years and they’re real convenient to wear with boots, I kind of love them. And you may not be used to them but they look pretty good on you 🙂

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