Large Shoes Summer Sales UK – Sandals Review

With the heatwave, I decided (as I do) that I desperately needed new sandals (one pair). Hurry, I thought to myself, before the summer ends! So I got on the UK websites known for stocking large shoes at a decent value.

I won’t hide it: I hate buying shoes online. It is difficult enough to choose in-store, let alone on a website. You never know if and how they will fit. That’s why I ended up ordering a bit too many pairs (hoping to find a pair to like), and keeping more than I needed (surprise!). But is there such a thing as too many shoes?? Plus, a UK size 10 is not easy to come by at a bargain price, so all I can say in my defense is that I am now set for (hopefully) a few summers.

Here is what I settled for.

My discovery: Cinderella Shoes

This company is based in Ireland and specialises in good-quality large shoes (definitely not low end). I was a bit anxious as a first-time customer: there was no guarantee I’d be happy with their sizing, and the thought of returning shoes to Ireland wasn’t too pleasant. However, their sizing is perfect, postage to the UK is very reasonable, and the sale presents surprisingly excellent value. I have always doubted the accuracy of the shoe size conversion tables, but now I rest assured that EU 44 is indeed equivalent to UK size 10.

Their sale seems to be doing really well, as the shoes I ordered are no longer available on the website. My choice were two comfortable pairs of sandals that can be used to dress up or down. I must say I have definitely been converted into a Cinderella Shoes’ fan: my poor bank account!




Another place I usually check is Evans. Out of the three pairs I ordered from their sale, I only chose one – surprisingly, the cheapest one:

Evans Silver and White Sandals


These feel really nice, comfortable and elegant at the same time. The universal colour makes it easy to match many outfits. My size was out of stock, so I decided to risk buying one size smaller (Evans tend to come up too big sometimes). Bingo: size 9 was just perfect for me. The usual wide fit (EEE) makes the shoes look decent on my big feet.

What I sent back:

Evans Grey Embellished Strap Sandal

evans 1

Although not looking too bad online, these shoes are totally granny’s sandals. I didn’t even fancy trying them on: that’s how seriously I was put off.

Evans Black Gem Block Heel Sandals

evans 2

These are not too bad, but just didn’t look right on my bulky feet. I didn’t think they were a particularly good value for what they are, either. I have nothing bad to say about them, so if your size is in stock and you like the look, it is worth giving them a go.

So, with the intention of finding myself a new pair of sandals, I ended up with three new pairs. Priority No 1 now: go on Ebay and sell some old stuff to make up for the damage I’ve done with this season’s tempting shoe sales!


  1. Love love Cinderella shoes!!!their boots are fab
    And their shoes… Have about 7pairs of
    Shoes and boots from them and they are soooo comfy.
    Genuine sizes…. Highly recommended!!


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