I Am Soon Going Self-Hosted

So, I started a journey today. As we speak, my blog is migrating to another host, away from the friendly and comfortable cushion of WordPress. Wish me luck, as I need it. I decided to take a deep breath and plunge into the deep water.

I honestly haven’t got a faintest idea of what on earth I am getting into. But, there again, perhaps it is better this way. All the horror stories of things going wrong when transferring to a self-hosted blog made me choose the easier route. A professional web designer has relieved the pressure off me and taken on the work. All I need to do now is hope that you will continue following my journey.

I have been assured that everything will be smooth. I do hope you will not have to register to follow me again. There should be no downtime ether. Once the blog has migrated, the only difference you should spot is the ads. I may have to change my theme, too, although I will probably keep it for a while, as I love it and it fits my blog perfectly. Apparently, it is too old and, so, not compatible with the latest technologies. Deep sigh.

I am ready for a change. Wish me luck and stay with me.

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