Tall Fashion for Men: Presenting Plus 2 Clothing, Australian Apparel Brand

Finding clothes when you are taller than the average can be tricky. Somehow, though, we assume that when it comes to buying T-shirts, they don’t necessarily have be designed for the tall people. Surely you can buy a t-shirt, as it will fit anyone, right?

Or is that so?

Today, guests on my blog are the guy from Plus 2 Clothing – an Australian label that specialises in clothing for taller people with a slimmer build.

Who are Plus 2 Clothing?

A company started off by two tall guys from Australia who were fed up with the struggles of shopping for t-shirts that were long enough for them.

People usually think that buying t-shirts when you are tall is not too big a problem, as they don’t necessarily need to be “tall”. What would you say to this?

How Are Your T-Shirts Different?

Mass made regular t-shirts have more of a boxy fit, where as ours are more tailored to the vertically gifted. We also have made sure to use more of a heavyweight pre-shrunk cotton to reduce the shrinkage that you would experience with cheaper mass produced tees.

Essentially, the idea was to create our own cut of t-shirt with an added extra two inches of length otherwise referred to as a tall tee. Tall Tees have been around since the 1990s, however when we started in 2013 they were quite scarce and many of them were not to our taste or out of our price range.

After many weeks of designing a tall tee that was everything we wanted: long enough, well fitting, quality stitching, pre-shrunk and with a heavyweight 100% cotton, we finally had designed a tall tee we were happy with. Of course, it’s one thing to design and manufacture your own clothing, but the next step is obviously that people are liking the style and cut! We put our tall tees to the test with professional sports players, and even Australia’s official tallest man to test them out. It’s always great to be getting so much positive feedback from tall people who are also struggling to find well fitting, fashionable clothing.


What would you say to a tall man to get him to try your clothing?

For anyone that has never tried on a tall tee, we would definitely recommend taking a careful look at the size chart, because whilst you may be a XXL in regular clothing, you may find that you’re a L in a tall fit tee. And to any taller person who is familiar with tall tees, then we have made our fit inline with other tall tee brands as to not confuse people too much. Our great bundle deals will speak for themselves.

What height do you cater for?


Whilst our tall tees are aimed at people 6′ and up, they are actually appropriate for people of all heights. We have had great feedback from people 7′ and over, that otherwise struggle to find nice fitting clothes. Whilst at the same time we do also get our fair share of customers that are average height, but just looking for longer length t-shirts.

Just to give us an idea as to how your clothes look when being worn, how tall are the models on your website?

The models on our website are usually around 6′. The reason being that we like to advertise that our tees are lengthier. If we were to model our clothes on someone 6’7″ such as myself, then it would be harder for our customers to see that our t-shirts are any longer unless there was something to put it in perspective. Having said that, we are currently putting together a more detailed sizing chart that will have pictures of people different heights wearing our tall tees to make it easier for taller people to choose the appropriate size.

Does Your Label Only Produce T-Shirts?

Not any more, no. We are now expanding and doing tall hoodies and looking into tall button-ups, shirts and even designing some longer length pants.

Can you provide some information about international postage? The majority of my tall readers are from the US, UK and Canada.

We have an international postage calculator on the website. Its generally around $20-30 for international orders. The best part for international buyers at the moment is our website is all Australian dollars, which, depending on where you are, can make buying things a lot cheaper 🙂


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