Welcome to my website! Whether you landed here by clicking on a link, or by chance… you are here, so may as well find out what this site is about.

Why My Blog IS a Tall Blog

  • My site does come up in the “tall blogs” search results on Google, so it must be a tall blog.
  • Before that, though, first and foremost, I am tall. For the record, I am 6’4″. Pretty much a giant for a female. So, naturally, this is who I am: a tall blogger.
  • I do write about all things tall, as, not surprisingly, this is something I take close interest in.
  • I actively follow these topics on other blogs and Facebook, and really enjoy engaging with other tall people through various social media. These contacts also give me inspiration and material for future posts.
  • My “all things tall” posts enjoy popularity. This is the category on my blog that draws most hits from search engines and boosts my stats. Just have a quick glance at the search items that make people land on my blog – you’d be amazed.
  • I am proud to say that I am now on the radar of some tall fashion brands – whose fashion reviews I have done previously, or am planning to do in the near future. My tall fashion section is gradually expanding, as my network of partnerships grows.
  • I have established successful (and hopefully long-term) collaboration with other tall bloggers, which I, as well as they (I understand 🙂 ) enjoy a lot. Check out the guest posts section for my partnerships to date.

Why This Is NOT Just a Tall Blog

  • There are so many tall blogs already that focus solely (or mostly) on all things tall. I think it is pointless (and impossible) to even try and compete. There is room for all of us on the World Wide Web, but I don’t want to restrict myself to this topic only.
  • I am (frankly) sick and tired of people who don’t find anything else to talk to me about. Don’t get me wrong: I am more than happy to talk about my height, but beyond the first few conversations, I get bored of answering questions about it. Somehow makes me feel uncomfortable. And, believe me, there are people who only talk about this – which is why I end up hitting the “unfriend” button. Sorry.
  • Every person has got their own interests. Mine are fashion (the tall niche on that market, obviously), rock music, parenting, expat issues. And more. I do try to look at them from a tall perspective (as and when possible), so the tall theme does glue together many of my posts. But not all of them. Just because I don’t like to fit into a box!
  • I enjoy my “other” posts as much as the “tall” ones. I love pretending to be a journalist by interviewing my guests (from rock musicians, to fashion professionals and writers). I enjoy reviewing new bands who reach out to me, and hope that I help them grow bigger. I also love ranting about my parenting frustrations and connecting with like-minded people over issues common for everyone, regardless of their height.
  • Most of my friends are short. Which doesn’t make them inferior to me. I love them to bits and would like them to enjoy my posts and find something there to relate to.
  • I’d like to think that my blog is different. Perhaps I should have put this reason on the very top of this post:

I hope that Not Another Tall Blog is a blog with a difference.

Want to get in touch?

Email me on notanothertallblog@gmail.com


  1. Oh my god! You are simply hilarious! I’m not tall, I’m not short, I’m in the middle, but I still feel like I can relate to you so much!

    Maybe it’s that I have other quirks about me that people just feel like talking about…

    Anyways, you’re a great person and you have an amazing blog!


    Aditi (xxwriterwomanxx)


    Hey there! Check out the wonderful word of the writer xxwriterwomanxx!! I’m a high school writer and I’d love it if you could just stop by.



  2. Love your blog. Glad this was posted on /r/tall on Reddit. There can never be to many tall blogs especially for tall women. For the record I’m a 6’5¼” woman and I’ve only me two women that were taller than me and one of them has be on “My Giant Life”.


  3. Hi there.
    Interesting your blog because this situation is not a minor or funny thing, in my opinion and from a male perspective, is time for us, the “tall women admirers” and the tall girls who accept us, to have the same rights that all the other “different” accepted couples.
    It is sad that a LGBT couple or a bi-racial couple sometimes be more accepted than a TGSB (Tall Girl Short Boy) one, this is a true and clear case of discrimination.
    When you are in such a relationship, it’s impossible not to perceive all the comments, the laughs, the chit chat, the gossip and all these horrible things that really hurt the feelings of many couples and even in many cases are the cause for a breakup.
    It is very important to clarify something: to be in a TGSB relationship is a free choice never an obligation.
    Being said that, it is perfectly understandable that there are girls and boys that don’t feel sexually attracted to a smaller boys or taller girls and they are in their perfect right to avoid this kind of relations for them, even it would be an ethics question and a hypocrisy to accept being part in such a relation.
    I have read a lot of blogs and comments (mostly from girls) saying:
    “Unfortunately, Mr. perfect is a couple of inches shorter”, “I don´t want to look taller at my wedding, is not aesthetic.”- Aesthetic? even there are many blogs with tips for tall girls to look shorter than their groom at their wedding, or “I do love him, my ONLY concern is that I will never use heels anymore”: Why? If I read that my fiancé is making such comments on a blog I would feel sad.
    They are unconsciously saying that they are “happy” and “love” their “incredible” “amazing” partners also that they are enough strong to accept this minor issue (we can underline defect) given ALL their multiple qualities.
    This is so sad, since height it is NOT an issue or a defect, is a genetic condition and if you choose to be in such a relationship, the only question they really need to ask themselves is if he or she ignite their sexual spark and how good they feel sharing time with that partner.
    But it is very common for people to betray and trade their preferences and likes for other perks: name it money, prestige, not being alone, of course this behaviour sooner or later will bring frustration and resentment to the relation and given that sexual attraction is a basic instinct, it is very possible for the unsatisfied party to develop conducts such as having affaires with partners that truly satisfy their sexual urges.
    If this is not the case and you really want to be in a TGSB relationship, then embrace it, enjoy it and BE PROUD of it.
    I’m very sure that there are many more boys attracted to taller girls and girls attracted to shorter boys, than what we can observe in the statistic charts, and this is thanks to all the propaganda related to what must be considered as “normal couples” if the TGSB option were not considered inferior, weird or ridicule I’m sure that there will be many more TGSB couples and of course many more HAPPY couples.
    My first crush with a taller girl was in my 20s, must clarify that I am totally hetero, this girl was 14 cm taller and 20 kgs heavier and very beautiful, important to point out the following: for me, the most beautiful girl is the girl I like (if someone ask me why, the answer is: none of your business). I had never thought I had a chance with her but happened that she made the first move.
    At the beginning it was a little weird, many stares, comments and laughs and very sad to realize that the worst ones came from “friends” and family.
    I liked a lot being with her, she was very smart, gentile and funny, Soon I realized that she enjoyed being bigger than me, so we clearly talk about it, I explained to her that I always had admired tall girls and that, in my eyes, her already normal beauty was multiplied by the unique fact of being tall with sexy long legs.
    If being with her was really a pleasure given her intelligence and beautifulness, standing up and looking up at her like if she were a goddess was a unique and sexy feeling. Given our difference in size, was not difficult for her to lift me up to kiss me, and also she used to ask me to sit on her lap for cuddling, also I was the one that used to buy her high heels for dressy occasions, there are some photos of me standing up at her side, as she was on high heels, I barely reached her chin with my head.
    We embraced our differences with joy and pride, I as a man, never felt inferior as we were in a relationship not a championship, simple we do loved each other, and we made our differences to be part of our pleasure and joy, I’ve never imagined how aroused It would be for me to kiss my girl being in her arms without touching the floor, it was a very new feeling but like a dream for me.
    I am certain that we do need to launch a big movement asking the people to respect us, we need to promote movies and histories where the girl is much taller than the boy, taller girls must be brave enough to show pride, to stand tall in high heels beside her shorter men and men must show enough confidence in themselves to be seen with such a beautiful girls, this is NOT weird or unaesthetic.
    I am not saying or thinking that this kind of relationship is ok for all the people, I am very sure that we always will be a minority, but we have the right to be respected in the same way we respect other couples, there is no reason to criticize a TGSB couple the same way we must not criticize, the fat or small breasted girlfriend or the albino or vitiligo boyfriend. If there is true love the couple is aesthetic and beautiful


    • Hi James, I was really impressed to read this. Thanks so much for taking the time to write here and fair play to you. I have in the past had shorter boyfriends so have never ruled this out, I just happen to end up with partners a bit taller than me. But around me I see TGSB couples and this makes me glad. Be happy and don’t take notice of what people say, is my take. All the best. 🙂


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