Hello to My New Subscribers!

Hello you! Yes, you! My subscribers!

First time I received a notification of a new user on my website, I was thrown in deep, deep thought: what the hell is a user?? How? Why? Had to shout at my web designer: “Heellllpppp, has someone hacked into my blog account???”

This is all new to me, you know. Until not even a month ago, this was just a free blog. Now that it is a “proper”, self-hosted site, I am sort of starting from scratch. Again!

Yes, I did have my followers already. Those treasured WordPress bloggers who regularly read, comment on and like my posts. And my Facebook followers… and Twitter, and Instagram, for that matter. All those lovely people who gave me the faith that this blog is worth something, so I decided to pluck up the courage to develop it further.

You, though, my new subscribers, are also very special. Why? Because you chose to share your e-mail with me and be “subjected” to my posts – whether you are interested in them or not!

For this – a big, big THANK YOU!


I, honestly, cannot stop being amazed: it is 219 of you already! Oh wow! Just wow! And it has only been a month (if that)… and your number grows on a daily basis. Holy cow!

I do hope that you will keep reading my posts, but why don’t we try to engage with each other, too? What do you say? Maybe next time you read something you actually relate to, you can comment? Say hi, even!

Don’t be just a username on my database! I would love to hear from you. Tell me what you like, what you don’t like so much, make requests if you like!

You can e-mail me if you want. I am on notanothertallblog@gmail.com.

Say HELLO!!!


    • Thank you, Gary! To you I am especially grateful!! And also ashamed I don’t get to read your stuff that often…. just not enough bloody hours in a day. 😦 But I do try!


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