Meet Tall Fashion Designer Ekene Pruce of Belle Grande

Meet Ekene Pruce – CEO and creative designer for UK women’s tall fashion brand Belle Grande! And make sure you look at this fabulous dress in detail, as it is (literally) one of a kind!


Heading over to Old Windsor where she was staying for the UK Tall People Club’s annual event last weekend, I had no idea I was about to meet such a charismatic young lady. From a potential blog fashion partner, she instantly became a friend: I clearly got more than I bargained for!

She met me to talk about her pride and joy: Belle Grande, a high end fashion brand whose mission is to create the perfect collection for the tall woman. They make a point of not being a high street brand – and achieve this very well. What they manufacture is truly authentic, high quality and exclusive, not using fabrics from a mass supplier in China. The materials for their clothing are designed in the UK by Ekene, so are one of a kind. The clothing is manufactured exclusively for Belle Grande in Italy.

When buying from this brand, it is reassuring to know that there is no way you would go along the street and see another woman wearing the same dress. Like this one, for example:


Or this one (gratefully received gift – thank you, Ekene!):



These dresses feel as nice as they look: lightweight, feminine and boosting your self-esteem. They do hug the figure, but in a way that flatters it, rather than emphasise what you need to hide. Pleasure to wear.



Belle Grande are currently working on their new collection which should be released in the next few months and will be available for sale on their website.

I am proud to say that my blog has been selected to review the collection for the UK market, so do watch this space!

What the brand also do is made to measure tailoring – for those of you who want exclusive fashionable clothing to make them extra special.

And, to keep things even more interesting, Ekene’s ideas have soared into yet another dimension: to keep her grounded, maybe? She swears that Belle Grande will put a stop on overpriced jeans for tall women: “Why do we have to pay £60 for a pair of jeans just because we are tall?” So, as a taster, she decided to experiment by selling those skinny jeans through Ebay… for a tenner!

There will be more of this to come, too. All in good time!


  1. Angie K, really nice! Love your new site! Elegant! I spend a ton of money for jeans! And I’m average height. Guess designer jeans are just expensive, but they fit! And it’s so hard to get a good fit! Chryssa


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