Tall Fashion Review. How to Wear a Body: Sexy or Smart?

It’s all about body confidence! The older I get, the bolder my clothing gets (oops!): brighter colours, braver cuts… and hell, do I care what others think? If I like it, that’s all that matters! The key is to feel confident in your body and trust your instincts not to make a fool of yourself.

One item of clothing I always wanted is a body. For years on end, it turned out virtually impossible to find one of a decent length to actually fit me. This season, though, it must be in fashion, as here they are, arriving like buses: a few at a time. So much choice it’s difficult to pick just one! Me being me, I decided not to fight the temptation and give it a full go. After all, I can always send back what I don’t like!

Why wear a body?

To me, it has a few advantages compared to regular tops:

  • Gives you a smoother line and generally a sexier look.
  • Visually flattens your tummy and emphasises you curves.
  • The close fit makes your arms (and not only!) look sexy and feminine.
  • It is also practical, as pulls your tights up when wearing a skirt, so there is no need to adjust them every time you nip into the restroom.

So here is the cheeky fashionista in me pulling her tongue out – can I rock this piece, considering my age and “being a mum” status?

ASOS Glamorous Tall Lace Body


Knowing very well (from experience) how deceiving good looks from fashion websites can be, I held my breath and clicked on “order”. Result – here (attaching photo blushing, blushing, deep breath in):


Good news is that the body is made of really lovely lace, feeling soft and luxurious, rather than the cheap type of lace you would expect from a high street retailer. It is stretchy, but also long enough not to need stretching. It sits on your trunk very nicely and, honestly, makes you feel like a goddess. I am not sure I’d feel comfortable enough wearing it on its own (D’oh, I am no longer 18), but it could also be combined with a business jacket, thus giving you a more sophisticated look:


Next experiment:

ASOS Tall 70’s Plunge Front Body With Lattice Detail

lattice body

Boldly cut out, this body did make me raise my eyebrow in skepticism: this will no way look good on me! The split can be adjusted to be as brave or as modest as you want, though, so it’s up to you how to wear it, depending on how daring you want to be. It could make your man’s jaw drop to the floor, or waggle a few tongues. Question is, do you like your look? If you do, then go for it! Whether you choose to wear a bra underneath or now, is also a matter of personal preference. I decided to go with one:


And, let’s not forget that a body does not necessarily have to be sexy or bold. This is an amazingly versatile piece, staple in every woman’s wardrobe. Here is a classical example which I am planning to wear the life out of:

Long Tall Sally & TTYA Long Sleeve Jersey Body


It does exactly what a body should do: make you feel good. Which is what fashion is about, after all.


  1. Those are bold, and I congratulate you on wearing them. For myself, though, in addition to them not being my style (I’m more the jeans-and-tee-shirt type) at my age I’d be afraid of scaring the neighbors if I wore them.


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