Express Interview With Mike LePond of Symphony X. Part 2 – Silent Assassins

After Mike LePond’s interview about his current tour with Symphony X, today I talk to him about his first solo project, Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins.

le pond

If you have not heard of them yet, do have a quick read  of my album review to get an idea as to what kind of music they do: perfect, passionate, classic, top quality heavy metal.

How did you come up with the idea to start your own project? Is this something you wanted to do for a while, or was it more of a spontaneous idea?

My first love has always been classic heavy metal so I had always dreamed of releasing a CD in that genre.

Why Silent Assassins?

I needed a name for the project and I didn’t want to call it something lame like Mike LePond, or Mike LePond and friends. Silent Assassins was a way better substitute for “friends”.

The kind of music you do with Symphony X is very different to your solo project. Is heavy metal as close to your heart as progressive? Or does your “baby” feel closer to your true musical style?

Although I love the progressive style of Symphony X, traditional heavy metal will always be my favorite.

Have you got plans to tour with Silent Assassins? And what is the way forward for you from now on?

I have assembled a touring Silent Assassins band so I will try to schedule some shows in between the Symphony X tours. I also will begin recording the second album.

If you had to choose just one of your tracks to represent the band to someone who has never heard of it before, which one would you choose? And why?

A great representation of the band is the song “Apocalypse Rider”. It sums up everything the band projects: power, speed and attitude.


Silent Assassins Are:

Mike Lepond (Symphony X) – Bass Guitar , Guitar

Micheal Romeo (Symphony X) – Lead Guitar

Alan Tecchio (Hades/Watchtower/Seven Witches) – Vocal

“Metal” Mike Chlasciak (Haford/Testament/Sebastian Bach) – Lead Guitar


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