Belle Grande: New Competitor on the Tall Fashion Market. Review of Winter Collection 2015

If you follow my blog and are interested in tall fashion, you will know that there is a brand I am particularly fond of: Belle Grande. Their lovely designer and CEO Ekene Pruce gave me an interview a couple of months ago, as well as the opportunity to try one of her gorgeous dresses (check out the look here).

Today, I have the exclusive honour to review a few items from Belle Grande‘s new winter collection – for which I am ever so grateful!

To say I am in love with these clothes would be a major understatement! I actually find it hard to recollect whether I have ever owned an item of clothing of such a good (or shall I say, bloody amazing!) quality! If you check out their prices, they won’t strike you as particularly cheap. As a matter of fact, this is fashion towards the higher end rather than for the mass market. But, boy, these clothes are definitely worth every penny! For a start, they are 100% made in Italy, which is Belle Grande‘s signature. And their quality does speak for itself.

I just have to start this review with the most gorgeous jacket I have ever worn in my life:


Its fabric feels exquisitely luxurious, and somehow I can’t believe this will ever go out of fashion. Classical business jacket which can be worn in a boardroom, or at a job interview, or even at a Christmas party, which is what I intend to do, with a lower cut jumpsuit underneath:


The false pocket details and the non-standard shape buttons add even more to the appeal of this garment:


To sum it up in two words: timeless piece.

Belle Grande don’t just cater for business or special occasions, though. They give everyday fashion a new dimension. Just a simple everyday jumper feels absolutely lush to wear:

Knit Jumper Kamsi


This piece is made of very fine knitted cotton and cashmere mix, feels very light and still warm: a perfect addition to my autumn wardrobe. You could dress it up or down, but either way it will make you feel fashionable and comfortable at the same time. There is an interesting edge going all the way down the middle of the jumper, and a lovely long zip at the back as a more playful detail. I couldn’t help but putting this piece on straight away for my shopping trip this weekend. Who said that comfort equals baggy??

Turtleneck Knit

If you want to look elegant in the winter, you can try this polo:


If you would rather go for a relaxed comfy look, I suggest you choose your normal size. This one here is one size too small for me, but I just love the way it looks on me. It does emphasise those curves I wouldn’t like to hide, so, there: a good way to boost your body confidence. It does go well with Belle Grande‘s skinny jeans, but could also be dressed up with a pair of smart office trousers. Whatever look you choose, it is guaranteed that you will look and feel like a fashion goddess.

If you like what you see here, you may want to bookmark the link to their Lookbook. That’s where you will soon be able to see the full collection, which I was lucky enough to have a sneak peek of. One thing I can say is: there is a new competitor on the tall fashion market, and their name is Belle Grande!



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