Belle Grande’s KAMSI Jumper – Follow-Up Tall Fashion Review of Winter Collection 2015

Got one of those jumpers you never want to part with? Which is so comfy you can live in it? Well, this one is very likely to be this kind of jumper:

Knit Jumper KAMSI


It is featured in Belle Grande‘s new collection and is a lovely piece of clothing. I’d say this is a wardrobe staple at its best. Made of 90% cotton and 10% cashmere, it makes you feel lush and sexy, while being an item of everyday fashion at the same time.

It could be argued that the price asked for this piece (£58) is a bit difficult to justify. After all, it looks so simple and casual! However, simplicity is usually hardest to achieve. Here are also a number of other factors to be taken into consideration:

  • The jumper is made of high quality materials. Cashmere in itself is an expensive, lush fibre: there is no argument about this. Whatever clothes contain cashmere, they are not going to cost a few quid, so let’s be realistic about it!
  • It is really well made.  This is very fine knit which can be worn in different seasons, and for different occasions; dressed up or down. In other words: a versatile piece. I would wear it with jeans and trainers on a day off, or with smart office trousers on a chilly Monday at work.
  • It has a quirky detail at the back: a zip which goes half way down your back. Whether you want to use this for playfulness, being sexy, loosening up or feeling a bit too hot, or just keep it completely zipped up, it is up to you. The option is there, should you want to make use of it:


  • The look and feel of this jumper are not like something manufactured in China, i.e. dubious quality cheap material where the price has then been blown up in pound sterling. Do I need to remind you where Belle Grande manufacture their clothes? Italy. This, I think, speaks for itself.

The cut of the jumper is rather loose and forgiving, hides away any imperfections of your body, but also flatters it. The generously long sleeves are bat wing type, which is still fashionable and chances are it will remain like that for a while:



On balance, I’d say: if you can afford this amount of money on a jumper, do not hesitate and go for it! It will keep you warm and feeling sexy on a cold winter day. And will help you do what Belle Grande campaign for: feel good in your tall body and be proud of it.

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