XLT Clothing, an American Tall Fashion Brand and Tall People Community: Proud to Be Tall

I am proud to announce that Not Another Tall Blog has teamed up with another tall fashion brand, this time based in the US: XLT Clothing. They have recently launched their #IRepTall campaign. Although it is mainly aimed at the American market, I been chosen to be their UK patron! More about this – on 19th November, when I will be posting more about the campaign and reviewing the tank top created exclusively for the UK +6′ Appeal.


Today, I have the pleasure of interviewing a representative of XLT Clothing. On one hand, they are a “normal” tall fashion brand: manufacturing their own pieces of clothing, and also retailing other brands such as Mish Mash, Modena, Richer Poorer, Port Authority, etc. What makes me more curious to talk to them, however, is the fact that they are also a community with its own members, values, events and blog.

Can you tell us more about XLT Clothing as a community?

The XLT Community (XLTC) is truly a unique group of men and women who are not only tall, but can relate to the tall experience. We initially began to bring cohesion to the Community through our first and second edition of the XLT Yearbook. It was an effort to bring people from all across the US (and other parts of the world) together to share their experience of what it is like growing up tall. They also were given the chance to encourage the younger generation who may be suffering from self-esteem issues due to their height. From there, XLTC members began to follow other XLTC members; support various business endeavors operated by tall people; establish relationships outside of the internet; and made it a place for friends to come together and share. What’s important to point out is, the XLTC isn’t something you’d have to apply for to be a part of. Simply being tall is sufficient!

Apart from being featured on your website, what does one get from being a member of your community? Do you meet up at all? Do you interact between yourselves?

When you are a part of the XLTC, you become a priority. You can email us, direct message, call, etc. and express your concerns, inquire about what you’d like to see on our site, and we actually make it a priority. For example, the Long Sleeve V-neck Tees that we’ve created under our private label +6’ Appeal was created because a member of the XLTC emailed us asking if we can make them, since they were difficult to find anywhere. We conversed, figured out logistically how to make it happen, and executed. Beyond the social media interaction, XLT Clothing is preparing (within a year or two) to create an annual event for tall men and women. We won’t let the cat out of the bag as of yet, but we do anticipate it being an awesome experience for all.

How do you run your blog? Is that for members of your community, or open to contributors, or just your own thoughts?

For the most part, the blog posts are just my own thoughts. I, however, have recruited a member of the XLTC to write one of our most popular blog posts (Top 8 Most Annoying FAQs for Tall Women – A Tall Woman’s Vent). I speak from my experiences and layout an idea. Sometimes, it is free-form writing; I’d literally sit in front of the computer and start typing until an idea is formed. There’s a particular them for the blog posts, but they don’t always need to revolve around tall people. In fact, I made a blog post about a 21-Day Complaint Free Challenge that focused more on our well-being.

As this post article will be posted on the tall people’s groups on Facebook, is there anything you would like to say to reach out to them?

Are you tall? Not Big & Tall. Just… tall? Visit XLTClothing.com today. A site for the slim and tall that understands your shirts don’t have to be as wide as they are long!

At present, you manufacture clothes for tall men. Do you plan to go into women’s fashion, or would you rather remain a men’s brand?

Currently, we are starting to venture out from the men’s platform and try our hand at some women apparel.

Though we like some of the ideas we’ve come up with, we much rather focus mostly on expanding our stock of apparel for men. We feel as though there are quite a few tall women boutiques, but not enough tall men clothing stores.

What height do you cater for?

We cater to 6’0” and taller. Realistically, we don’t have clothing for 7-ft men (YET!) but we certainly have clothing for the range of ~6’0” to 6’8”. Under our private label +6’ Appeal, we are pushing for all of our clothing to also be suitable for 6-ft and beyond (including the +7-ft men).

Tell us about your brand: when did you start, how did it all come about, where do you manufacture your clothes, any information you’d like to give us.

I started in the summer of 2014. The Christmas of 2013 ignited the idea of a website for the slim and tall. A friend of mine wanted to purchase a gift for me. She settled on the idea of clothing; unfortunately, she was stifled in the process of finding me a simple pullover hoodie that would be long enough. I attempted to help her find one that I’d like and became so frustrated that I immediately voiced, “I’m going to start a business for slim and tall men…because this is ridiculous”. It took off ever since then. XLT Clothing is mainly a retail store. So, we are receiving products from as close as New York city and as far away as Vietnam.

1987 TOKYO

Now that we have been encountering obstacles finding enough variety for the XLTC, we decided to venture into creating our own brand. That’s how +6’ Appeal was born. +6’ Appeal (manufactured out of India) pronounced “[Plus] Six Appeal” or “Six Appeal” (for short) is a play on the phrase “Sex appeal”.

#IRepTall 1

You are based in the USA. Do you ship internationally as well, and if you do, please provide more details.

We do not ship internationally as of yet. Tariffs and taxes would not make it feasible until the economies of scale shifts in our favor.


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