I Am Still Here!

Yes, I am. Although I have been quiet, for quite some time: no denying that. Life is a bit of a challenge for me at the moment, and I may have lost my writing mojo, but I am sure this is only temporary. I promise!

Or maybe I should call it a creative break? Because, while having a rest from publishing my posts, I am also working on new ones: presenting a new men’s tall clothing brand, a new women’s large shoe website, and an interview with a virtuoso guitarist from Pennsylvania. Not too bad going for a quiet period, I guess.

In the meantime, while trying to keep my head above water, these are the kind of things that keep me going:

Lemon cake with chocolate spread topping. Travesty, according to my dearest friend. Yum, according to my son.

Simply a cake decorated together with my offspring: the kind of stuff to help keep your sanity, and to use as a parenting exercise. On this occasion, it helped developed my kid’s emotional intelligence. How? By teaching him not to be selfish.

I am visiting a friend at the weekend, so I said to my son (needless to say, eager to eat the whole cake himself!): “Mind you, I need one piece saved, OK, plus mine!” To which the usual reaction expected from my 10-year old would be: “Noooo!” While mine said: “Oh, yes, for your friend”…

He guessed it himself, without a prompt from me. Which nearly left me in shock. And made me think I may have accomplished a tiny part of my mission in life: to bring up a good-hearted human being.

This is when you realise that, whatever life throws at you, it is moments like this that make your life worth living.

As well as enjoying the world around you, taking it in and finding beauty everywhere it could possibly be hiding:

Magic piece of modern architecture at King’s Cross Station, London

The little things in life…

And breathe… in… and out…


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