Belle Grande’s Christmas Sale Got Better for My Readers: Open for Extra Discount

It has been a few weeks since I published any tall fashion reviews, so I am pleased to say that today I have some good news for my tall female readers: Belle Grande is offering a discount on one particular item of their clothing: their turtle neck polo. Belle Grande’s Christmas sale is on, and on top of the Christmas reduction, they are offering my readers an extra 10% off. This makes the jumper a really good value bargain (especially considering the usual price tags associated with cashmere clothing!): £26.40.

The coupon code is 10pounds (to be entered at checkout). It is valid until 5th January 2016 and can only be used for this particular product.

Here is what the jumper looks like:



It is designed by the company’s talented designer and CEO Ekene Pruce whom I was proud to host as my guest a couple of months ago:


Depending on what you expect from your knitwear, it can give you a look as comfortable or as sexy as you fancy. This particular exemplar is one size too small for me, which is an experiment I wouldn’t normally undertake. On this occasion, however, I am rather pleased with the result, as I dare think that it emphasises those curves I wouldn’t mind showing off.

If you decide to go for your usual size, you will give the jumper a relaxed look, as on the model from Belle Grande’s website:


I do like my jumpers baggy and comfy, while this one fits another category for me: elegant everyday fashion. It does have a stylish look, while also feeling very comfortable. The elasticated band around the wrists gives the arms a more tailored, cuffed, look, which I quite like too.

The jumper is made of high quality material, which is Belle Grande’s signature. 90% cotton and 10% cashmere guarantee natural feel as well as making you feel warm on a cold winter day. I would happily recommend this piece as a winter wardrobe staple, and, while I am at it, it is time to put it on and go out on a lovely romantic date. 🙂


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