Walktall – Good Shoes for Men’s Large Feet

A good pair of shoes makes you walk tall – whatever your height! They add a spring to your step and give you a smarter look – like this pair of shoes from Walktall, for instance.


Today’s fashion guest on my blog is James Lockyer, Director of Walktall.

How did it all begin?

Walktall was started in the late 80s as a catalogue business, to cater for guys with big feet who struggle to find shoes on the high street. We acquired Walktall in 1995 and immediately created an online shop to make shopping for large size shoes easier. Since owning Walktall, we have gone out and about to find all the best brands and styles available in sizes 12 -19.

What’s special about Walktall?

Walktall Porto Oxford Lace Up in UK size 13
We want to be the one stop shop for guys with large size feet.

Not only do we stock over 50 different brands, we also sell a wide array of shoes, including sports shoes, formals and outdoor shoes. We even stock snowboard boots up to a size 20, so whatever you’re into, we should be able to help.

Customers can either buy online from our easy-to-use website, call our contact centre or visit our small shop at our warehouse in Street. We are very proud to be a Feefo Gold Trusted Merchant and have a 97% score for our outstanding customer service.

You do stock shoes from many major brands. How do you select the brands to feature on your website?
We are always on the lookout for new brands, but it really comes down to the sizing. If there are brands out there that sell large sizes (12+), then we are always willing to speak with them. Also, we like to make sure that they are quality brands with a solid reputation. If our customers recognise the brand, then this can help to influence their purchasing decisions.

Who is Walktall’s typical customer?

It is really hard to pinpoint who the typical Walktall customer is; the customers seem to be from all walks of life and be from age 14 up to 80 or more. One thing they do have in common is they need large size shoes. This is why we try to keep such a diverse range of footwear in stock, so we can cater for everyone.

What is the most common shoe size amongst Walktall customers?

When we first took over the business, the most popular size was 14, but over the last few years size 15 has started to catch up.  I suppose this shows that people’s feet must be getting bigger.

Walktall Porto Oxford Lace Up in UK size 13

Where do Walktall customers come from?

The majority of our sales come from the UK, but we do have customers from Europe, Asia and the southern hemisphere.

Any future plans or aspirations for the Walktall?

We are proud to have the largest range of big shoes in the UK, so we’ll keep looking for new brands to stock in order to maintain our leading position. We also want to offer our customers the best possible shopping experience and customer service, so we plan to update and improve our website on a continuous basis to make shopping even quicker and easier. We recently introduced free UK returns too, so if a customer needs to send some shoes back, it’s a completely stress-free experience.

Do you plan to open any stores?

We don’t have any plans to open any other stores in the foreseeable future. That’s because our efforts are focused on constantly improving our website. By ensuring that our website is quick and easy to use, this means that the effort is taken out of shopping from Walktall. Also, due to the fact that we now offer FREE UK returns, this means if our customers are not 100% satisfied with a product, they can return it to us free of charge. This gives our customers greater flexibility when ordering. Finally, because we have a responsive website, this means that people can shop from Walktall whilst they are on the go, as the website looks great on a tablet or mobile device, as well as a desktop computer.

My handsome model is wearing Walktall Porto Oxford Lace Up shoes in a UK size 13.
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