UK Tall Summer Sales 2016. My Favourite Dresses (Fashion Review)

As much as you try to stick to a budget, there is always yet another temptation to try and resist. This time it was the summer sales. Not having to break the bank, I managed to kill two birds with one stone: refreshing my wardrobe, but also not spending much money at all.

My favourite pick from this season’s sales at Dorothy Perkins is this lovely dress:

Tall Navy Geo Button Pinny Dress



I got it on a special offer they were running last week: 25% off when you spend £30. It is now on sale for £14.25 (as much as I paid for it anyway), which makes it a very good buy. The cut is perfect for a curvy figure like mine, as the floaty skirt skims off the lumps and bumps that I wanted to hide. I am very pleased with the fit and suspect this will be a favourite piece in my summer wardrobe for a few more summers to come. Its length is perfect for my 6’4″ figure: not too short, which is exactly how I want it. The material is stretchy and easy maintenance: the dress does not really need ironing, which is a bonus and a very important factor for busy mums like me.

Another dress I decided to give a go had to go back:


Unfortunately, it doesn’t look anywhere near as nice as the photo. Not on my figure anyway! Refund please, thank you.

Another unexpected bargain comes from TU Clothing and only cost me £9 (half price on their sale):


TU do not have a tall range, but I found this piece to fit my frame rather nicely. It is very good for bigger hips and bums (like, ahem, mine), which puts it on my good books.

And now that I have (sort of) satisfied my craving for new summer clothes, I can concentrate on the more important things in life. 🙂 And not feel guilty for spending much money this season!


  1. Hi Angie,

    Congrats to your summer steals 🙂 The dresses look really lovely on you! I also like the Dorothy Perkins Tall range a lot for my tall shopping.

    Love your blog, you are a great writer!

    All the best,



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