Men’s Feet Are Growing. Where Can You Buy Shoes for Them?

It looks like men’s feet are growing – according to market intelligence recently released by Walktall, a leading UK supplier of large men’s shoes. Over the past ten years, the company has been monitoring sales of large size footwear. Here is what they have observed.

  • 2006: most popular shoe size for Walktall customers was 14.
  • Recent years: sales of size 15 shoes have caught up. For a first time, sales of size 15 shoes have taken the lead.

Whether this trend will continue or not, remains to be established, but Walktall predicts that it will – at least for the foreseeable future.

A quick Google search reveals that this could well be true: there seems to be a great variety of websites dedicated to large men’s shoes. Here are some of them:

I am sure that this list is not exhaustive, but could be a good start for someone looking to buy large footwear. Good luck! And do feel free to add your discoveries in the comments box below – to help your tall brothers make a better choice!


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