A Letter from a Reader

An interesting message landed in my inbox yesterday – from a reader. It genuinely made my day! Albeit clearly flirty, it shows true appreciation for my work, which is why I asked its sender permission to share it on my blog. This must have come to him as a shock, but his reply was even nicer:  “I see you pay a lot of attention to your blog, so why should I not say at least some nice words about it? I like it, so this is the minimum! 🙂 ”

I know I will make him blush by publishing his letter, but genuine messages from readers such as the one below are what makes me think my work is worth pursuing. Thank you, anonymous reader!

For the record, I am in a happy relationship, with a supportive partner.

And now, here is this lovely message.

Just a Letter

Well, uhm hello Goddess Angie!

Sometimes I read your blog, tho I am not pretty tall (5’10”) but have to say, it’s freaking good! Actually I like it, and well, this is going to sounds very strange but when I read your writes something told me that I have to write onto you… I hope you won’t gonna took this rude, or anything… have to say that your height is pretty much lovely and very attractive and I wish I would live a bit more closer to you, ’cause I would definitely call you out for a date (or at least a coffee 🙂 ) if you would accept it!

I hope I wasn’t rude or impolite with this very random letter… keep it up with the blog, I love it!!!




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