Tall Dating Coach Greta: Confidence Advice for Tall Ladies and Some of Her Own Love Tips

My today’s guest is the beautiful Greta Bereisaite – a 6’3″ dating and relationship coach for ladies and gents based in London. She loves reading my blog, so kindly decided to share with my readers some of her tips and advice.

Hello, Greta, and thanks for getting in touch. Do you want to start this interview by telling us your tall story?

As you know, I’m 6’3″ tall. I was 6’1″ by the age of 13. My mum (6’2″) was an European basketball champion and my dad (6’3″) rowed for the Soviet Union national team at that time. So it was only natural for me to follow their footsteps. Or, if I am completely honest, I was pushed into it. I mean, can you name a child at the age of 8 enjoying a basketball lesson more than playing outdoors with their best friend… Yeah, exactly, I don’t think so.  Anyway, when I became good at it I did start to love this game. And now I am extremely grateful to my parents that they have pushed me into it. Parents do know best after all. 🙂

Coming from a very sporty and confident background, I didn’t really experience low confidence issues, as I was told from a very young age that tall is beautiful and that I am very lucky. So if anyone would tell me otherwise, I would honestly think that they have no idea what they are talking about… Some might call it arrogant; I call it confident. 🙂


What confidence tips will you share with the tall ladies?
I don’t really like to categorise people by their looks and do believe that all people: tall, short, skinny or bootylicious, have confidence issues. So what I say is embrace it! Make your negatives into positives! No one is perfect after all. Love yourself, accept who you are and make the best out of it! It really doesn’t matter what others think, there will always be someone who criticises you and doesn’t like you and it is ok. What matters is what you think and how you feel. So work on yourself grow, believe in yourself, try and be your best self and the confidence will shine through you!
So, what is it that you do?
I am a dating and relationship coach for men and women. In this particular blog I will focus on advice for the ladies. The best way to describe what I do is to say that I help, guide, consult and support women to get the best out of their guy and their relationship situations. A lot of times we blame others for unsuccessful relationships and expect people to change.
The truth is that change depends on us. Here is my motto: a man will treat you how you let him treat you.

Therefore, your relationship does depend only on you and your mindset. If your relationship has fallen apart, was there anything you might have done wrongly? If we change the way we think and show it with our actions, then the other person will also change. The control of your life and your relationship is yours! The trick is to know how to find the control within yourself.

I have written an e-book “Ways Men Test Women’ Pass his test and have him twisted around your little finger… to have him cherish,respect, adore and love you”. It will be out on Kindle Amazon in about a month. Check it out; it is really great with real life examples of how men test women all from the guy’s lips!


Here are couple examples of what I help with:
  • What is a perfect girlfriend for a guy?
  • Does your man take you for granted?
  • How do men fall in love and stay in love madly ?
  • Why do actions speak louder than words?
  • How to you establish trust in a relationship?
  • How do you make sure you are treated as a Queen rather than a doormat?
  • How to be secure and confident in your relationship?
  • How to find out if he is really into you or if whether is there just for the thrill?
  • How do you transform the relationship that is falling apart into a strong and long lasting one?
  • Why are some women amazing in their professional lives but fail badly with their personal relationship?
All of these and lots and lots more questions can be answered and resolved if you act wisely.
Watch Greta’s video on YouTube:
Few of my own love tips

Truth is that love is indeed a powerful game. Yes, of course, at later stages feelings will get involved. Then it can turn into a difficult, emotional, crazy roller-coaster ride. But it doesn’t have to be like this. It can be fun, exciting, challenging make you grow and be better. You need to play your cards right: as simple as that! I know we have all heard this and I myself used to hate this saying, but it is TRUE! If you always lose, it will not work. If he is the one who always loses, it won’t work either. But if you are at the same level and challenge each other,  you will keep control and the power is in your hands. This is how a relationship has the great potential to be a happy one.

  • Show him that you will not accept to be mistreated. Then you will keep his respect.
  • Let him give what he wants to give willingly, and watch who he is.
  • Negative attention is still attention and shows him that he has you right where he wants.
  • If a woman competes with another woman, she degrades herself.
  • If a woman acts as if she can do everything, that’s what happens: she gets stuck doing everything.
  • Sex and love are not the same thing.
  • Don’t give rewards for bad behaviour.
  • A man simply will not respect a woman who goes out of her way to please him.
  • Sometimes a man will not call you on purpose, simply to see your reaction.

Let me guide you and advise you on how to take the power back in your hands, how to be treated with respect, love and be cherished and cared for in your relationship.

Thank you so much, Angie, for putting me on your blog. Thank you, all lovely ladies, for reading it.
Here is where you can find Greta:

Website for Ladies: www.ladiesrelationshipcoach.com

YouTube Channel


Website for Gents: www.gentsdatingcoach.com on the way, for now please use https://www.facebook.com/GentsDatingCoach/

This post has been endorsed by Monica’s Health Magazine.


  1. I disagree with this statement,” Pass his test and have him twisted around your little finger…” How healthy can a relationship be if one is in total control of the other? I suspect that the adage, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely would eventually destroy any relationship based upon that premise. No one should be controlled by another. In my mind, a 50/50 relationship would be best, where both are equals and treat each other with love and respect.

    The above statement would be called Patriarchy if a man wrote such concerning a woman. I would hope the author would re-consider the above statement.


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