Interview with Ivana (197cm): Tallest Fitness Model in Modelling Industry?

My new guest on the blog today is fitness model Ivana who is now entering the tall fashion business. Best of luck to her!

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Hello, Ivana, and thanks for agreeing to come on my blog. Shall we start with what you do – fitness modelling? What does fitness give you as a person?

My great interest in fitness has built up over time. I found myself in it while I was growing up and getting older (hopefully wiser too :-D). Fitness gives me the strong feeling of satisfaction and happiness due to releasing endorphin.

What skills does it require, and what skills do you think sport helps you develop?

You do not get strong, fast, muscular or lean overnight but by consistent and persistent training. You develop skills depending on what sport activity you take on… yet, all sport activities teach you patience and acceptance of your body, regardless of what your goals are.

Is modelling the career you always dreamed about and hoped for? Are you excited about it, or nervous? What are your expectations and hopes?

I became interested in stepping into modelling when I was a teenager. I enjoyed being photographed as well as loved to do photography myself. For a long time I was not confident to seek modelling opportunities – until I was about twenty years old. I got some professional photos done and sent them to a couple of Czech modelling agencies. They did not even respond… so I gave up on it. I tried it again a few years later in Australia and later in the UK… no real success in these countries either. My dream is to become well-known as the tallest fitness model in modelling industry… In general, I learnt not to have any expectations. It applies twice as much when it comes to modelling. 

This is a very challenging field. Are you having any help to break through, or are you on your own?

I cannot agree more with you. Modelling world is challenging for its extremely high competition and requirements of social and marketing trends. I have been seeking help to break through as well as trying to do so on my own.

What is your impression about modelling?

My impression of the modelling industry is not great, I am afraid. It is based on my experience with a number of people I have met since I tried to proceed as a model. What I have come across often are mainly false promises and being buttered up.

Do you agree that most fashion agencies have a standard height range, and being a tall model is a challenge?

I totally agree. Even though I was quite often flattered by modelling agencies and photographers in the UK for my height of 197 cm, I never got to the stage of being selected for any assignments. The UK was the only country where I was told my height was a great advantage for its uniqueness… yet, I am not convinced I was told the truth.

Do you struggle to find clothes that fit?

Yes, I surely do.

What are your favourite places to shop for clothes?

I do not enjoy clothes shopping because I am limited in choice of shops where to find clothes that fit well. The only female shop I love to shop at is Long Tall Sally in London. The only unfortunate thing of this brand is high pricing. 

What are your favourite designers? Preferred colours?

I have no favourite designers. I do not watch fashion trends because I cannot simply wear whatever I like. I tend to buy what fits and feels well only, as I cannot be selective and picky. I guess people would say my “preferred“ colour is black because black is seen in my wardrobe the most. 

Being a fitness fashion model, does this mean that in your daily life you prefer sporty fashion style?

I am seen in sporty or casual clothes often because I tend to train often.

What is your personal style: sporty, formal, elegant?

There is something that I enjoy in every style. I do enjoy dressing up to look elegant and sophisticated as much as I like a pair of jeans or shorts. I get judged that I could dress better than I do though. I  wish these people went out and did clothes shopping for me… They would realise very quickly how frustrating it is to find elegant pieces that both fit and suit me.

Do you go for jeans, skirts, dresses…? What is your go-to everyday outfit?

I wear all kind of clothes. My wardrobe is very limited with dresses though. I find incredibly hard to find a dress that I like style-wise, colour-wise and that fits well. I tend to wear jeans, pants and shorts more often than skirts, too. This is because it is more practical.

What is your dream modeling job?

I do not have any specific dream modelling assignment, to be very honest. I would be happy for any exciting modelling opportunity that would make me travel abroad, visit countries I have never been to and allow me to combine it with my profession of personal trainer and nutrition consultant.

Are you comfortable wearing high heels – whether in your modelling photo-shootings, or in your daily life?

As nearly every woman, I love designs of high-heels. No, I do not wear them… in general, female shoes of big sizes (yes, I do have large feet) are very expensive comparing to standard-sized ones. When it comes to high-heels, they are either expensive (low-quality shoes) or highly over-priced (good-quality shoes). For that reason, I rather go for comfortable shoes that are sort of “OK-design“ and price-reasonable. I have got only one gorgeous pair of high-heels that I wear for photo shoots only, unfortunately.

Are there any idols in your life – in modelling, fitness or in general?

I do admire a few people who are either my close friends or VIP in fitness and self-development teaching. I get inspired by certain aspects of their lives or activities but do not look up to them as being my idols or being perfect.

And, lastly, when you’re not busy modeling, what are your favorite things to do?

When I am not busy working I love to go to the gym, read and listen to podcasts about fitness, nutrition, self-development, spend time with my family and friends, travel, do crafts and much more… yet, do not have time to squeeze everything I enjoy doing in my days. 😀

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