Review of Belle Grande’s New Collection. Part 1: Winter Clothing and Black Friday Bargains

Exciting news: Belle Grande has given me the exclusive opportunity to review their new collection! On top of this, most of it is now temporarily reduced for the Black Friday sales, so you have the chance to stock up on some great quality clothes for very decent prices.

My readers get an exclusive promotion, too! Use code bgnotallb2016 for free delivery of your order and enjoy!

To remind my regular readers, this relatively new tall fashion brand takes pride of manufacturing all their products in Italy using highest quality materials.

I will review the collection in two posts: part one will focus on their winter clothing (logical, given the temperatures outside), and part two – on their gorgeous dresses.

Before you read on for more details about these products, do have a sneak peek at the gallery with photos of them:

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The most glamorous item from the winter collection is the knit coat Eva. It is incredibly versatile and can be dressed up or down, worn for leisure or to give you a seriously business look.

Knit Coat Eva (normally £130, currently on sale for £60)


As a 6’4″ woman, I have always been conscious of wearing clothes that emphasise my height, therefore have been avoiding at all cost skirts, dresses and coats longer than just below the knee. This piece of clothing proves me wrong. It demonstrates that showing off your tall figure can work out in your favour. My suggestion would be to wear it as strictly business wear, matched up with a pair of court shoes or classic boots, pencil skirt and thick tights. You can, however, be cheeky and frivolous and wear it on top of a short skirt on a night out: it would fit the occasion just as well.


What makes the coat interesting and pretty much unique is that it is knitted. I was tempted to call it a cardigan but it is way too shapely and thick to be a cardi. It could certainty be worn as a comfortable thick gown on a cold night in. And these are only some of the many ideas of how to style it. You are welcome to add more suggestions, so if any of my readers decide to buy it, I’d be curious to know how they are going to rock it.


From the tops, my definite favourite is the black knitted sleeveless roll neck with fluido in double colour named after the brand’s designer, Ekene.

Ekene Sleeveless Roll Neck (normally £90, currently on sale for £35 – that’s a huge discount!)


In case the original price of this rises your eyebrow, there is good explanation for it: the top is made of quality cashmere (which in itself is expensive but guarantees warmth while the clothing is thin and elegant). Cashmere is one of Belle Grande‘s favourite materials to use, making their tops and jumpers elegant yet versatile.

I like the way this top fits and makes you look like… hmmm… an Amazon which we all tall women are, after all. I’d say, though, that it comes with a word of gentle warning. If your arms don’t look good without sleeves, perhaps don’t get this. It does expose your arms, so the more toned and shaped they are, the sexier you will look in this top. Now, where are those dusty dumbbells again??


Black Knitted Boat Neck Jumper with Fluido in Double Colour Elena (normally £90, currently on sale for £35 – bargain!)

This is again made of lovely cashmere and is lush to wear. It is the kind of jumper I’d wear on one of my bloated days or when I am in a sporty mood, just because it has a relaxed fit. Which doesn’t mean you cannot wear it in the office:


Or that you cannot rock it with a pair of black leggings and be as sexy as a goddess! Which, again, comes to show that Belle Grande deliver clothing for all sort of occasions.


Black Ribbed Polo Neck Jumper Tania (normally £110, currently on sale  for £50)

This is a classic wardrobe staple. It is a rather close fit, so will compliment your curves in a nice way due to the good quality material and its black colour. I anticipate that this will be a jumper that I will wear for many seasons – not just because it is timeless but due to its high quality.


For Belle Grande‘s full range, visit their online shop. Check my blog back in a few week’s time when I will review their dresses… and don’t forget to use your code bgnotallb2016 for a free delivery|


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