Converse for Tall Guys

The iconic American Converse brand is popular with both the young and the young at heart, whatever their height.

In over 160 countries worldwide, the characteristic bumper toe and midsole stripe denotes a highly recognisable Converse style long before you can see the logo:

Converse rides on the retro Americana wave that characterises a number of today’s leading fashion footwear marques. From humble beginnings in 1908, the brand became well known for athletic shoes decades before they became famous for fashionable casual apparel. Now a subsidiary of Nike, Converse enjoys legendary brand status and sells through thousands of shops and online stores throughout the world. If you’re tall, however, and have larger than average feet, you may still have difficulty tracking down your size in spite of all this brand exposure.

In the UK, an increasing proportion of footwear sales are online, and this is especially true for the most sought-after of all Converse styles: the All Star range, identifiable by the classic ‘All Star’ badge on the tongue:

The trend toward online footwear purchasing has assisted the rise and rise of Walktall, the niche online retailer that specialises in footwear for guys in sizes 12 and up. The All Star range features some of their bestselling styles.

Walktall’s raison d’être is to sell the widest possible range of footwear for guys who need hard-to-find, larger than average sizes. Converse is one of their mainstay brands and they currently stock no less than 19 different colour and style options.

If Converse is your thing and you like plenty of choice, visit today.

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