Tall Maxi Skirt by Talltique – How Would You Wear It?

Over the past couple of years, I have read numerous comments from tall ladies complaining that it is impossible for them to find maxi skirts and dresses long enough for them. I was recently contacted by Talltique who kindly sent me a skirt to try on. It seems that they have delivered the perfect length maxi skirt:

It does touch the floor, making you feel like a princess, having to pick it up to make sure you don’t stumble upon your own skirt. Even someone as tall as me (6’4″) needs heels to make sure it doesn’t drag on the floor. The hem has intentionally been left unfinished, in anticipation that some customers might need the skirt taken up a bit by a tailor. However, given the cost of using a tailor in the UK, I would be reluctant to do so and would rather wear heels.

The skirt has already been reviewed by another tall fashion blogger, but my take would be slightly different. I have never been a fan of gathered skirts or dresses, or long ones, or ones with elasticated waist, for a very practical reason: they do not flatter my figure. I owned such skirts in my teenage years when I was convinced that I was fat… and I weighed about … hm… a two-digit figure less than I do now! I did also realise that, as much as such skirts hid my assets, they also, ironically, made them look even bigger – here is the evidence:

So, what would possibly convince me to wear such clothes now that I am XX years older and XX kg bigger?

I am tempted to leave this for my readers to comment on. While I am usually in the position of someone giving fashion advice and recommendations, this time I would rather step back and ask for one. Here is what I made of the skirt. What do you think? How would you style it? And, more importantly, how would you wear it? Would you take it to the beach, or on a night out? Or…?

What should be said is that it feels comfortable, as you (obviously) do not need need to worry about sitting decently:

It is made of crinkle material, which is also handy, as it is easy to squash into a bag and you don’t have to worry about ironing it. On the flip side, this doesn’t make it too formal, as it typically creased. This is why I it wouldn’t wear it with very elegant tops, which is why I paired it up with two vests instead. But this is me; I am sure that my readers will have many more suggestions!

It will fit pretty much any figure, slimmer and larger, which is another plus:

And now, if someone could try to explain to me why maxi skirts and dresses have been such a hit over the past couple of years, this may just convince me to start wearing my new acquisition! In the meantime, I will be interviewing Talltique who are a new tall fashion brand on my radar, so watch this space and do check them out and follow them on Facebook.

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