Why Tall Women Should Wear Heels

First of all, the question is not “Should tall women wear heels?” It is why we should – because my answer is that yes, by all means, you should! And, secondly, you don’t have to if you don’t want to… but if you do, there is nothing to stop you. Why?

  • Because it is ultimately your choice. It is up to you to decide whether you like heels or not; whether you want to walk in them or just boost your self-confidence at a party; whether you find them comfortable or not. For whatever reasons you want/don’t want to wear them, this is absolutely fine.
  • If someone tells you that tall women should not wear heels, ask them why. Then wait for their answer. Because heels make you look taller? Honestly, whether you are 6’1″ or 6’4″, likelihood is people already look up to you anyway, so what difference do a few inches make?
  • When you wear heels, it makes you feel different. In a good or a bad way, depends on you!
  • If you are shy, self-aware and lack confidence, it may make you feel awkward. You may feel like everyone is staring at you. They may well be, but hey, they do that anyway when they see a tall girl… so at least give them something to stare at!
  • If you are the kind of girl who doesn’t care (whether through character, or have come to this point through life experience), then all you need to make sure is that you like what you wear. Whether others approve or not: not your problem. Unless you have a particular dress code to adhere to, at work for instance, or a particular occasion that does not welcome women standing out (although you may decide to challenge that, too!). You wear what you wear because of you, not for other people. So be your own judge and stand by your choice. Do not let others spoil it.
  • Wearing heels naturally makes your posture better. It forces your body to stand tall and walk differently. Whether you mean it or not, wearing heels makes you look more determined and confident (even if you are not). So don’t try to hide (you are tall, so wearing heels won’t help you disappear), or slouch (if you are suddenly feeling shy), as you simply won’t be able to.
  • Prepare to amaze. And enjoy it. For some bizarre reason, men adore it when tall women wear heels. For some of them it is a fetish, for others – simply personal preference. For whatever reason they do, bear in mind that the reaction you will gather amongst men will most likely be adoration.
  • Prepare for jealous/disapproving looks. Don’t forget that we, women, can be bitches. If there is something we don’t have, we are sometimes jealous (whether we admit it or not). As a tall woman, the likelihood is that there are not many of your kind around you… so you will stand out even more and will see green eyes around you. Just wink at them and carry on.
  • Walk tall, walk proud and wear what you want to wear. For yourself.


  1. I’m a 5’7″ guy who has plenty of tall ladyfriends. If they want to wear heels, that’s their prerogative. (Either way, I’ll be looking up.) As long as you’re comfortable in what you wear…


  2. Well, and then there are three other good reasons for tall women to wear heels:
    1 – Most fashion, especially dresses are designed to be worn with heels. Not wearing them could make you look sloppy
    2 – truly, the prettiest ladies’ shoes are high heeled. Why should you deprive yourself?
    3 – and last but not least, WHY THE HECK NOT? You are already a member of the 1% privileged minority of the population – enjoy the view!


  3. I agree with all your points. I’m 6*3″ and it doesn’t make big difference if one becomes 6*6″ with the heels, especially for some occasions where one feels better dressed and of course whole posture improoves when wearing heels. Only for practical reasons, since I walk a lot in everydays life or ride a bike, I wear flats (or in a case of bike ride, sports shoes).


    • Same here, I walk and drive a lot so flats are not practical for me. But otherwise nothing wrong with wearing heels every now and again. Thanks for commenting. 🙂


  4. When people (men) ask me why I wear heals I sometimes can’t resist telling them managing their self esteem problems is not my job. Depends of the tone of voice of the question. Some make it sound almost like an insult.


  5. I agree with the main point of the post “Tall women should wear high heels if they want”, but let me say there are also men, such as myself, who have a thing for tall women in flat shoes. Simply personal preference, as you said 🙂


  6. Bilateral total knee replacements in my 50s; now 75 y/o Heels are very glam and you are ALL SO CORRECT in diagnosing — er– “reading” the meat market. Being 6’4″ all these years has been a definite asset in my life, so STAND TALL even if you haven’t got shoes at all. Carrie in FL

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