Lockdown 2020: Opportunity to Look After Ourselves

So, it has been a while since I spent time on here! I cannot believe it has been, actually, THAT long! Have been busy — most of you as well, no doubt! What have YOU been up to? Feel free to leave a comment and touch base with me!

Those of you who follow me on Facebook know what I have been up to. I have been juggling my full-time job from home (since lockdown began) with family and home schooling. Shall we say that this is, hmmm… a bit of a challenge! No wonder there is not much time for blogging. Before lockdown, my main challenge was daily commute for work, and the result is obvious: less blogging that I’d have liked it. I have been doing a 60-miles daily commute for over three years now, and my blog slowly has been taking the back seat.

I keep promising to myself that I will start letting you know again what clothes I have managed to source, and what disappointments I have been having on the tall fashion market! There has been a fair amount of those! I will try to have some photos taken and show you what discoveries I have made, too: some of them have been amazing!

In the meantime, I have started focusing more on myself, too. Well-being has been high on my agenda in the past couple of years. I qualified as a Reiki therapist and do this kind of stuff, as well:

Those of you who share my height will probably appreciate that being tall doesn’t do us favours when it comes to practising yoga. But it does wonders for those joints and muscles that need some TLC. My knees, my lifelong tall person’s problem, are starting to feel better now. Yoga (particularly balance poses and three-legged poses) help wake up those muscles in your legs that protect your knees.

And I am, very slowly, getting better at it! One thing I can say for sure: this long spine just doesn’t play ball as it would for shorter people! Chataranga? No way, I will never be able to do that! I don’t manage any of those challenging yoga poses, either, where you admire how people lift their whole body and support it only with their arms. Let’s face it, it is one thing to weight 60kg, and another one – 100 odd kilos, right!

But it doesn’t stop us from working on ourselves. Anything is better than nothing!

So, for those of you who can spare the time: what do you do to develop yourselves, and do you find this lockdown helped you learn something new?

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