Blog Migrated – Followers Please Respond

OK all, it looks like the job is done and my self-hosted site is up and running. With the risk of irritating my Facebook and Twitter followers, here I am again fretting over losing my blog followers. We think we got it right this time!

So, once again, and hopefully for the last time:

My e-mail followers: are you receiving this?

My followers:

  • Can you see this?
  • Does it appear in your Reader?
  • Do you appear to be still following me?
  • Are you able to “like” this post?

Waiting impatiently, yours truly!


  1. Angie, your post came via email. Your site looks lovely!! The only thing is when I entered via the email prompt, it loaded an error page, but had you home button, which took me to your site. I’m on my tablet today, so maybe that caused the error.


    • Hi Terri, thanks very much for responding, much appreciated! I have no idea what has caused the error, but if you have time to send me the link you are trying to use, I will ask my web designer to have a look in case he can fix it!!


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