Tall, Single and Ready to Date? UK Dating Website TallSingles.co.uk is Here to Help

You are tall, single and live in the UK? Did you know that there is a dating website especially for you? I didn’t until recently. I am excited and curious to interview my today’s guest, Richard: founder and CEO of Tallsingles.co.uk, a UK based online dating site for tall people.

TallSingles Logo cropped

Do tell us, what prompted you to start tallsingles.co.uk?

Well, I myself am I’m 6ft 7 tall. While dating, I realised how hard it was to meet and date tall single women. I used to go to bars with my friends on a “boys night out” hoping to meet women, but on most occasions would find that all women there were way too short. It became very frustrating, so I thought: surely, there must be a better way for tall people to meet?  One day, I looked for a good website name, so this is how I chose tallsingles.co.uk.

What makes your site different from other dating websites?

Firstly and foremost, we restrict our members by height! It is our requirement that men are above 6ft and women – above 5ft 5. This is how we ensure that tall single people joining our site find what they want: other tall single people. We have also established a large tall community sharing anything that os tall related. A lot of this content is shared on our blog.

The uniqueness of your site is the height requirement. How do you make sure that your members are as tall as they say they are? Plus, there are a lot of short men with a fetish for tall women. I am sure that they would try to register on your site as soon as they read this interview. Is there some kind of a quality control measure in place to make sure that your members are genuine guys?

 We Make Tall
Regarding people actually putting how tall they are, you raise really a problem to some extent with all dating sites.  The truth is that people can lie and there is nothing we can really do to stop that.  I can’t, for instance, go to every new member and measure them.  We are a member of the ODP (online dating protector) who try and monitor for fraudsters.  They will, for example, check people against their Facebook account to check they are genuine. They are basically on the lookout for scammers.  We also advise that people meet up in public places and use common sense when meeting someone for the first time.  I still believe that online dating is much safer than meeting someone in a pub, since before you meet them, you have lots of information on them.
Your website is UK based. Does this mean that tall singles from other parts of the world cannot use your services?
Yes, at the moment tallsingles.co.uk is only for people living in the UK.  However, I do also own tall.singles for tall people in the USA.  We have only had it going a few months.  We don’t have fantastic coverage of the USA, the main areas we have focused on are as follows: NewYorkTexasFlorida and Los Angeles.

How does your service work?

It is free to join our website. All you need to do is enter a few basic details about yourself and verify your e-mail address. Once you have become a free member, you can search other people’s profiles, send “winks” to people whose look you like, or, if you want, send them a message. The free membership enables us you have a look around the website, see whether there is anyone in your area whom you would like to date, and to decide whether or not it is for you.

So what are the advantages of the paid membership?

If you like the website and want to join up, you need to upgrade to the paid membership.  This opens several other great features. The most important of them is the ability to read messages sent from other members, which is how you can arrange a date.

What is the cost involved?

This depends on the length of your membership. A 6-month membership costs £79.95, the price of a 3-month membership is £49.95, and a 1-month membership is £24.95.  We are up to 72% cheaper than Match.com.  Plus I am happy to give all readers of your blog a 50% discount on a 1-month membership! To get this, they need to enter “50TALL” into the offer code at checkout. We think that this is a small price to pay to find your ideal partner!

Is your service safe?

Yes, as long as you are careful!.  We have tonnes of practical advice on our blog about how to stay safe online.  Our main advice is this:

  1. Do not give out personal details to members (e-mail address or phone number) until you have been on a couple of dates with them.
  2. If you do meet up with someone, always travel to the meeting place on your own.
  3. Make sure the place where you agree to meet is somewhere fairly busy with plenty of other people around.


How many members does your website have?

The number of our members is over 1.5 million from all across the whole of the UK.  This is a fantastic community of tall people who are looking for love.  And new people are joining us every day!

Have you had any marriages between members?

Oh yes! Over the past year alone, we  had over 80 marriages and also many more engagements. As it turns out, I was not the only person who had a tall dating issue. So many people have contacted us to tell us how brilliant our website is and how cool it is to have this service available to them. This is very humbling for all us on the team, to hear such fantastic news!

Did you meet your current partner on tallsingles.co.uk?

I didn’t actually! We both still laugh about it.  At the time, I had only just started tallsingles.co.uk, plus I met my partner at work.  This website may not be the way that for a tall person to meet their perfect partner. However, it does give them a chance to possibly find someone. You never know when you will find your ideal person! When it happened to me, I wasn’t actually looking for love. I think it is great that we have been able to provide such a service which to tall people, and they seem to love it!

What would be your advice to those about to join your website?

I have three key pieces of advice for them:

  • Firstly, do upload a photo. Profiles that have a photo get up to 70% more views than those without a photo.
  • Secondly, do take the time to complete your entire profile.  Your profile is a mixture of multiple choice and free text questions. Our matching profiles use them to decide who should appear in search results. Therefore, if you want your photo to show in front of the right person, you should really complete your profile.
  • Lastly, log into the website regularly.  Search results are displayed based on the time when you last logged in, so the most recent ones go to the top of the search results.

Thank you, Richard, for taking the time to explain all about tallsingles.co.uk.  We love your concept and we wish you much success with the website!




  1. Tall single is about the most fucking racist shit this earth has created since the since the Nazi concentration camps in World War II. Imagine allowing places where people need to be demolished to not have a high altitude, it’s nothing less than monstrous and certainly something to be able to cater for courtesy, and once again despise tall people who want to avoid people that is not high, it is tasteless, and gradually I understand why you should try to avoid a tall person who sees himself as another and better race, they are in any case less intiligent, yes there is probably no one who can contradicting, and if you made a One study among all people, the vast majority would agree that tall people are generally less gifted. But they want to avoid people who are smaller than them and it is purely bred, as they will ensure that their offspring are also higher than everyone else. It is so abominable that it can belong to the Nazi breeding program, where only tall bright people could be used. One has to hope, like the great society and all the big clubs, that there will be political detention, and the founders of the great singles get the strictest punishment of society and, of course, one should also get the members’ lists of members showing great contempt for humanity Our all enemies number one cannot take enough distance enough So, if you know some who are tall, try to see if they are in the Tall single or a Tall club, then look it up on Facebook, as everyone should despise them, often they even boast of their desire to avoid ordinary people, This will of course make it easier. This is yet another reason to despise tall people, and one can safely say the tall women are clearly the worst, and we should all despise them from one edge, as very few are usually thinking and do not hate ordinary people. We must think that we are fortunately much more and we must fully exploit this and make these racists life difficult- But it is disgraceful that these people are accepted in our society as they do not accept us and believe they are better. Worst of all are well-to-do women who find tall men appealing when you know how ugly they are and that they prefer to be without us, for Tall singles and various Yall clubs.


    • Thanks for your comment. I was very tempted to delete it because it is full of hate, which I do not tolerate and certainly would not put on my website! The only reason I approved this comment was because it has been thought through and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, you do not take into account the fact that everyone is entitled to their own taste, and if a tall woman chooses to be with tall men, this has nothing to do with “us” being better than the rest. It is a matter of taste and how we feel comfortable. I myself prefer to be with a tall man and am with one, and wouldn’t have it any different. Therefore I have a serious reason to be offended by your comment and I do not think it does you any justice! It also seems that you have very selectively been through my website, as I also have a post where I have gathered information from many tall women about their preferences and the majority of them did actually say that they don’t care of their partner’s height and are happy to date/be with a shorter man. What would your thoughts would be on that, I wonder?


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