Logo Jacket by Belle Grande – Follow Up Tall Fashion Review of Winter Collection 2015

My readers and followers will have seen this photo and this jacket in another review I published recently, and may wonder: why post about it again? Because this time

Belle Grande is giving you a 10% discount – exclusively for the readers of Not Another Tall Blog!

Considering other tall fashion brands’ price tag attached to blazers of this look and quality, the 10% discount makes it a good buy! I would confidently say that this is a garment which will see me through many years to come.

You can dress it up or down, as this is a totally versatile item. A really elegant piece of clothing, this looks particularly great when dressed up – like this, for instance (worn over a low cut lacy top):


It goes with an elegant pair of tailored trousers and a sharp shirt, giving you a look to kill, or could compliment your dress, for a smart feminine style. The opportunities are endless.

Worn over a simple blouse is a simple, yet classical combination for an effortless look:

Blazer 4

If you are into mixing styles in a less orthodox way, the jacket could be a good fit with a nice pair of jeans and (possibly high, if you have the courage!) heels.

This blazer definitely doesn’t look cheap, and gives you the impression of being a luxurious piece of clothing (mid towards high end), yet at a price very reasonable for what it is. Manufactured, as usual, in Italy, it is guaranteed to make you feel special. The silky touch extends even to tiny details such as trimmings on the pockets and along the inside chest line.

Blazer 5

Crossing my heart, I’d highly recommend it, and would say: grab the discount while it is there! The code to use at Belle Grande‘s checkout is NATB10 and will be valid for one week (until 18th November). Enjoy!


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