Tall Fashion XLT +6′ Appeal Campaign: Embrace Your Height!

Embrace your height: this is the main message that US tall fashion brand XLT is trying to get across with the +6′ Appeal Campaign launched to promote the clothes from their #IRepTall series. Although currently targeted mainly at the US market, it is also spreading in other countries.

#IRepTall 1

Not Another Tall Blog is their only UK patron to date!

Tank top sold exclusively on http://www.xltclothing.com/

XLT‘s mission is simple and bold:

“It is our hope that all of the tall women and men across the country would band together and showcase their state, city and country. I believe that it is important for the generations ahead of us, who may feel self-conscious about their gift, to fully embrace their height”, explains Kyle Spence, founder of XLT Clothing.

Their women’s tank tops for the IRep Tall Series are minimalistic by design. The decision taken by their designers is to stay away from grafitti/mural graphics and focus more on symbolism.

“We spent a lot of time working and re-working designs until we’re satisfied with what it presents”, proudly explains Kyle.

What Does the UK IRepTall Tank Symbolise?

The designers’ team wanted to proudly show patriotism to the country, and after careful research chose two symbols of Great Britain: Big Ben and the Beatles. These, to them, are the most prominent figures that people across the pond are familiar with, and UK locals proudly acknowledge.

You can purchase this top exclusively on http://www.xltclothing.com/

Interested? Head over to http://www.xltclothing.com/ and pre-order your tank or sweatshirt. Be apart of the next wave today!

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