Tallboys Apparel – A Canadian Tall Fashion Men’s Brand: for Shirts and T-Shirts That Fit

  1. Their t-shirts are long enough, fitted and proportioned for the tall man.
  2. They ship internationally and are a truly global brand.
  3. If you are not 100% satisfied, they accept returns within 30 days for a full refund.

They are also giving my readers and subscribers 25% off! Just use the code TALLBLOG25 in the online checkout.

If you are curious to find out more, here is what Nick Tann from Tallboys Apparel says to us in today’s tall fashion interview.


Hi there Nick, and welcome to my blog. What would you say to my readers and subscribers to introduce yourself and to tempt them to give your t-shirts a go?

The tall life can be an awkward one. We can often find we don’t quite fit into this world and clothes are no exception. When you wear ill-fitting clothing, you look awkward and end up feeling awkward. Conversely, when you look good, you feel good – this is the business I’m in. Creating that “look good – feel good” experience providing tall men with tailored clothing right off the rack!

The name of your brand does not solely focus on a particular type of apparel (e.g., t-shirts). Have you got in mind the idea to expand your collection and design other type of clothing in the future?

Yes, definitely. The Tallboy Tees were my first product when I launched back in 2012. Since then I have released a range of Tall Button Down Shirts and have numerous other designs in the pipeline for the coming seasons. Ultimately I’d love to offer tall men a range of fitted suits they could confidently buy off the rack without having to book in a visit with the tailor.


Your career seems rather interesting, ranging from involvement in the movie industry, through to fashion. How did you come to the idea of starting a fashion company?

There’s a great quote from the movie “Silverado” that has always resonated with me:  “The world is what you make of it friend. If it doesn’t fit, you make alterations.” This aptly explains my reasoning for leaving the film industry and pursuing an entrepreneurial career. Incidentally, it is also the basis of Tallboys Apparel. Fashion is the shell, but a practical solution to a common problem is at its core.

You swear by the quality of your products. Where do you source your materials from, and what makes you different from your competitors in terms of quality?

Fabric choice has played major role in achieving the level of quality I offer with my shirts. The fabric is sourced from industry leading suppliers and everything is designed with a sense of practicality in mind. For example, I included a small percentage of spandex in the cotton blend of the t-shirts that allows the fabric to stretch a little. This gives the wearer an unrestricted range of motion that is often lost with fitted clothing. Additionally, the fabric is dyed by professionals to ensure the colours stay true wash after wash.

Anyone who has warn one of my button down shirts will understand the level of thought that goes into creating them. It’s the little details that make all the difference. From a higher button down collar that suits a tall neck, to the extra length in the sleeves that properly fit longer arms.


Nowadays, there is an increasing number of websites offering t-shirts for tall men. Do you collaborate with any of them, or do you perceive them as competitors?

When I started, I was first to market in my region with my t-shirts for tall men concept. The idea has now spread and there are a number of competitors popping up everywhere. I don’t concern myself with the competition too much though, I am still yet to find a tall t-shirt that feels better and lasts longer than my Tallboy Tees. I mainly focus on expanding the range and designing new products for my loyal customers.

Do you think your brand is different to other tall tee online stores?

Yes, definitely. Quality: it’s as simple as that. Most tall tees out there are regular t-shirts with a little added length in the torso. Conversely, Tallboy Tees are a completely new shape that has been specifically designed for taller men and are made with high quality cotton that will keep its shape wash after wash.

You have produced one tank top for women. What is the story behind this, and do you plan to expand your female range?

The ladies tank tops were the result of a number of customer requests. They have been popular, but I currently have no plans to release any women’s clothing in the foreseeable future. Maybe if enough women badger me again I’ll look into releasing a few items, haha!




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