Slippers Up to Size UK 15 Now Stocked By Walktall

My friends from WalkTall contacted me to let my male readers know about the new addition to their winter collection: comfortable but also stylish large sized slippers. These can be a challenge to find on the market, so do have a quick peek at their website. There is a decent variety there, and styles to please younger as well as more mature customers.

I suspect the favourite of this season will be “Bedroom Athletics” – priced at £25 (not excessively cheap, but still affordable for the mass customer). I would imagine them to appeal to the younger tall person, don’t you? I wonder if I should actually get a pair for myself, as they are playful and cheerful and look ever so cosy.

Bedroom Athletics Cruise

There are also choices for the our mature men on a higher budget who expects durability and classical look from their slippers (associated with the relevant price tag of £60 – £65) – here is an example of those:

Sorel Maddoc Moc

For men on a tighter budget, there is a choice between a few models priced between £15 – £20. One of them is Mirak Warminster Slipper:

Mirak Warminster Slipper

WalkTall‘s selection is not too extensive, but they do strive to constantly expand it. Some of their pairs go up to size UK15, others – up to UK14. They find that the Homeys are highly popular, and to make you feel good about yourself, their soles are eco-friendly (made from recycled tyres). Their price is £33.00:

Homeys Baxter

“Slippers aren’t a big market for the footwear brands so they don’t offer much in the less popular, largest sizes,” says Walktall Director James Lockyer. “At the moment we can accommodate up to size 15 and we’re hoping that our brands will go larger in future years.”

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  1. I’ve owned a pair of Homeys and they were brilliant! I also really wanted to love the Bedroom Athletics McQueen boots that I got recently but found their XL size (which should be a 13/14) was perhaps a touch optimistic as my size 14 feet don’t fit in them. Back to my faithful Homeys instead!


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