Belle Grande’s New Collection. Part 2: Gorgeous Dresses

My regular readers know that my dear friends from Belle Grande gave me the exclusive opportunity to review their new collection which I must say I totally fell in love with. Last time I reviewed their winter clothes. This time I will focus on their dresses which are gorgeous not only to the eye, but also to wear:

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Last year, Belle Grande started off as a brand aiming towards the high end of the fashion spectrum, with high quality clothes sourced and manufactured exclusively in Italy. With the new collection, they have slightly changed their direction and have committed to making their fashion more affordable. They now target the mid end market, while still keeping the quality bar raised. I think this is working well: their items are not excessively expensive, but also not as cheap as to make you question their quality.

The Sylivia Dress (Normally £125, currently selling for £80)


This dress is gorgeous – no other word to describe it. The price tag of £80 may seem a bit steep for the “mass” customer, but the product is worth every penny. I am sure you would agree as soon as you saw and touched it. The material is silky jersey shaping around your body and complimenting your curves in the right places. The figure flattering effect is enhanced by the panel of a non-elasticated black material (satin) on the base of the dress which helps gravity do its job to give the dress a perfect finish.

The dark colours help skim any imperfections off (which I must admit I do have) which gave me the confidence to feel like a “proper” model. The flowery pattern is sophisticated and eye catching. What makes the dress most attractive to me, however, is the fabric. I fell in love with it, as it is elegant, yet easy to maintain and very comfortable. I can happily say that this will be my favourite wardrobe staple for Summer 2017.

The Maria Dress (Normally £115, currently selling for £75)


This A-line dress is, I would say, less glamorous and more practical. It can easily be styled up or down depending on the occasion. My personal choice would be to wear it the office underneath a smart jacket (on a bit of a colder day) or just by itself (on a warmer day). The inverted pleats around the waist make it very comfortable to wear even at times when you don’t necessarily feel too sexy or slim. I also like the material: considerably thicker than the one used for the Sylivia dress, it makes it a versatile piece that can be worn pretty much in any season, while Sylivia, at least for me, would definitely be a summer choice.

What I also like about the Maria dress is the side pockets which give it a more casual look, but don’t make it less of an elegant piece should you decide to pair it up with high heels and a glamorous shrug, for instance.

Veronica Knitted Dress (normally £130, currently selling for £55)


This is definitely the bargain amongst the dresses! It is made of high quality Alpaca wool and is ever so warm and cosy, while also making you feel good about yourself in terms of your fashion choices. In this photo I wear it with leggings and standard boots, but you may want to put on a pair of heels to dress it up. A word of warning: if your skin is sensitive, you may want to wear a vest of a short-sleeved top underneath, to avoid feeling itchy, as this is real wool and will have this effect on you.

If any of these pieces appeal to you, head over to Belle Grande’s website and don’t forget to let me know, I would be very interested to hear back from you, my lovely tall readers. 🙂

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