Fashion Giant Boohoo Launches a Big and Tall Men’s Range 

Are you ready for the breaking news? Big and tall clothing is now available at low prices – worldwide!

Global online retailer boohooMAN (known for trendy wear at competitive prices) launched a big and tall men’s range on 21st August. By doing so, they are addressing an inarguable niche on the fashion market, so far only targeted by specialised websites and stores as well as just a couple of competitors (mainly ASOS, major e-tailer of an extensive tall range). As a mainstream fashion website, boohooMAN are now well ahead of their competitors such as Very, Zalando, etc., by being innovative and cleverly introducing a range for big and tall men that is unquestionably affordable and easily accessible.

“You shouldn’t be excluded from certain product lines based on your size, so we have made sure we have created a range that is inclusive”, share boohooMAN‘s marketing team.

What Does The Collection Consist Of?

The big and tall collection replicates most of the main bohooMAN’s range: longline t-shirts, MA1 bomber jackets, denim, formal clothing, accessories. They don’t just offer simple, boring styles; what they go for is a diverse, trend led range of clothing. It is their intention to make their customers feel “like they are at the forefront of our mind when it comes to style and design.”

How Well Does It Fit?

As can be expected from a website selling clothes from various suppliers, fit will inevitably vary. What I found is that the sizing of their garments is pretty good.

Denim Jacket – $26 or £18 (Size XXXL)

This is a great denim jacket, and at this price you simply cannot go wrong. It is made of good quality denim, cut well and the length is perfect. My model is 6’5″ and it fits him just as you expect a denim jacket to fit:

A good indication as to whether the sleeve length is sufficient is how the jacket looks when the arm is folded. This test has been passed – the sleeves length is perfect:

Space Dye Zip Through Hoodie – $12 or £8.40 (Size XXXL)

This is a great value hoodie, again in a generous size; and the sleeves length is admittedly excellent:

What could be argued about is the body length. In my opinion, it is long enough; however my partner doesn’t feel it is. As a recommendation to boohoo, I would suggest that they do give it a bit more length, as men of sizes XXL and above usually carry a bit of a load that makes the clothes expand sideways, thus shortening their length. I think the hoodie is fine as it is, however only time will tell whether it will shrinks with the wash or not. Either way, it is a great value, so ticks the box of a good purchase as far as I am concerned.


When it comes to jeans, boohooMAN seem to be experiencing some teething problems. I was sent a pair of skinny fit jeans to review (namely, these ones), which turned out to be 2-3″ too short. My model normally wears a 34″ leg, so if you are a taller man (6’5″ and more requiring a 36-38″ length), the range leaves more to be desired. I am, however, confident that soon enough boohoo will put this right by outsourcing the correct supplier. Let’s not forget that this is just the start of their big and tall range, and for new comers on the scene they have done very well! As a comparison, Zalando, for instance, offer some big and tall jeans, however by just one brand, and not a cheap one either (Levi’s).

For a mass audience website, where a compromise is being sought between value and fit, there will always be some disappointments – just as the case is with ASOS, although they are already well established as a supplier of tall fashion products. What matters is the fact that they are here and willing to help the tall part of the population find trendy clothing at decent value. This alone is worth respect and encouragement, rather than criticism.

So, let’s say Kudos and welcome Boohoo Big and Tall on the niche market! And – happy shopping!

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