Customer Demand for Nike Trainers Increasing Around The World

As the trend towards running and fitness sweeps the globe, information gleaned from running forums indicates that many runners choose to have three pairs of shoes: an old pair for daily wear, a pair for regular training and a new pair they’re breaking in for the next big run. “Size 12+ customers certainly fit the profile of owning more than one pair of trainers,” says Jim Lockyer – Director of of large size niche retailer, Walktall. And one brand that is noticeably taking over the world: Nike.

With some estimates claiming that Nike sell 25 pairs of trainers per second, 24 hours a day, it’s fair to say that Nike do sell a lot of trainers. In fact, some people are so desperate to get their hands on a pair that they’d even hijack a truck full of them.

This summer in the Los Angeles area, almost $1,000,000 dollars’ worth of trainers were stolen from a large Nike delivery vehicle in a well-planned robbery reminiscent of “Ocean’s 11”. Fortunately, a tip off led police to a location where they recovered $900,000 worth of stock.

Turning from criminal news to the legitimate, individual retailers all over the globe are increasing their orders of stock to meet a growing demand for Nikes of all kinds. We asked James Lockyer, to comment:

“Men and boys with larger than average feet have the same brand aspirations as the rest of the population. We’ve increased our Nike order by 20% for the autumn season in line with customer demand. Air Max styles have been our winners so far this year, with sales of Nightgazer also very impressive.” 

Nike Nightgazer

Year-end fiscal revenues reported for Nike Inc. in 2017 rose 6% to a staggering $34.4 billion. Mark Parker (Nike Inc. Chairman, President and CEO)  looks ahead to the fiscal 2018, commenting: “It will be a big year for NIKE innovation and we’ll bring those stories to life through deeper consumer connections in our key cities around the world.”

“We’re very excited to see the autumn styles from Nike that are coming into stock right now. The new Nike FS Lite Run 4 is getting a lot of attention, as is the Nike MD Runner 2: a retro style based on a highly successful 90s design. We’d also like to remind all runners to recycle any trainers they no longer need by donating them to one of the many charities that now takes them.” 

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This post has been published in association with Walktall.

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