Readers’ Poll: Shall I Change My Alias From Angie K to Angie P… Or Not??

Hey, my lovely readers and followers, please help! After a recent change in my marital status, my surname now begins with the letter “P”. 

How do you feel about the idea of changing my alias from Angie K to Angie P? 
Neither of these are unique names (there seems to be a song maker called Angie K, and a film maker called Angie P), so I don’t expect it would make a huge difference to my blog’s SEO. I have no trademark against my alias either.

What are my reservations?
  • My blog’s online presence dates back to May 2014 and a large number of followers know me as Angie K.
  • It sounds slightly better than Angie P.
  • Who knows, my SEO may actually get affected.
  • I don’t particularly like change!
Why do it?
  • To reflect my new surname.
  • Why not…

So, what is your verdict: for or against the change? Please comment… go!

P.S. It seems like there is a problem with commenting on my posts for some reason. Thank you to Silvano and William for bringing this to my attention and for taking the time to email me! Until I manage to sort out the problem, feel free to email me: 

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