The Votes Are In. I Am Keeping My Old Alias.

I recently asked you, my readers and followers, for advice: shall I keep my old alias or change it to one with my new surname. Your responses were pretty much unanimous: keep the old name. Some of you reached out by email, which always thrills me: to hear from the “real” you.

This also comes at a time when my blog’s Facebook page reached 1,000 “likes” and over 1,000 “follows”. My Twitter count is near 3,000 now. Little did I know three years ago that I would get so much support. 🙂

Here is what a reader called William said, and his words of appreciation and reassurance touched me.

Keep the old name. You have many followers, and you would lose countless numbers, if you change. Also, you have put too much time and effort into your endeavor, so from a blogger/business point, it makes sense to keep it. I understand the desire to change, but you have a following and a responsibility to them. You are a voice of reason in a world of nonsense.

So here I am still, Angie K. Yours always. xxx

My thank you flowers for all of you 🙂

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