Tall Slim Tees Now Offer Women’s Sizes

We all know what a challenge it is finding t-shirts to fit our tall bodies. The amount of time we have all purchased tops that are supposed to be tall fit but end up shrunk in length or width… Or when we decided to save some pennies by simply buying a bigger size tee from a regular shop and ended up disappointed again.

This is no longer an issue for tall and slim men, with the rise of specialised brands for them: Tall Slim TeesAmerican Tall, William Mahoney, Tall Boys Apparel, XLT Clothing, +2 Clothing  (and probably more brands that have not featured on my blog yet).

The good news is that Tall Slim Tees now offer t-shirts for the tall slim women, too.

The company founder Dan kindly sent me a couple of tees to try and I must say that I really, really liked them.


They are as long as you would expect them to be:

There is even no need to try and remember to wear nice underwear in case you have to bend over. No more fear of exposing parts of your body that you would rather keep private!


The material the t-shirts are made of is nice, light and breathable. It contains 50% cotton, which is a sign of good quality, while the 50% polyester guarantees easy care and quick drying. Customers’ feedback so far is extremely positive and encouraging.


At present, there are two types of tees: round/scoop/crew neck and V-neck. Here is the round neck:


You may notice that sizing is different from other retailers: it goes by height (rather than by chest size). And you have to be slim for the t-shirt to fit you nicely. As you can see from my photos, this is not quite the case with me: I wear jeans that are slightly too tight for me, therefore the t-shirts have highlighted my waist fat that I would rather have hidden – see next photo, too:


In terms of quality, I haven’t washed my t-shirts yet (we are in the middle of a cold winter here in the UK, therefore wearing jumpers rather than tees is a more appropriate choice), however, the company promises that they won’t shrink or crease. This is a major advantage which in itself makes it worth getting yourself a couple of these t-shirts to try!


The price of Tall Slim Tees is lower than the Long Tall Sally‘s alternatives. Tall Slim Tees normally cost $20 (on sale for $18 at present), as opposed to Long Tall Sally‘s basic t-shirts that cost $25 (or 2 for $40).

Video not only to promote the t-shirts, but for all tall people to relate to

And, for some fun, here is an interesting promotional video released by Tall Slim Tees that all slim tall people will relate to:

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