How It Is OK to Chat Up A Tall Girl

I recently shared with you a message from a stranger that I found outrageous and have since stopped responding to any texts from people I don’t know in real life. The aftermaths of this was interesting. While pretty much everyone was in agreement that it is not OK to say what that stranger said to me, an interesting issue arouse: that decent men who genuinely want to talk to girls and mean well, are lacking this opportunity because girls are nowadays, understandably, suspicious.

“How can a genuine guy get through to you and get to talk to you in this case?”, asked Ryan.

This is a very good question. Ryan is not the only nice guy who suffers the consequences of what the “bad guys” do. Another disappointed young man shared his experience of travelling 900 miles to meet a lovely Amazon he connected with on the Internet, but due to his flight’s cancellation, she assumed he was just another time waster and cut contact with him. This left him with not only a bleeding heart, but also burnt a $600 hole in his pocket.

I feel for these guys. The struggle is real: in a world where modern technologies make everything possible; in an age when it is easier than ever to reach out to strangers and maintain long distance relationships. Yet, also so very hard.

I do have my disappointing social media experiences (for a list of the worst chat up lines – click here, good laugh guaranteed!). However, if I were to say Facebook is evil, I would be lying. I have always sworn by it and have been grateful to its capabilities, as this is how I connect with many of my readers and followers.

The Power of Facebook

This is how I met some amazing people (some of them tall, others not so much). Starting with an online chat, many friendships have “materialised” for me as real life relationships. Those people at the other end of the line are real. This is how I got together with my partner. This is how I found my wonderful web designer. Admittedly, that happened before all this silly chat up snowball grew into a problem, but still…

So, hope is not lost!

Just proceed with caution and check out my thoughts on avoiding painful social media encounters here.

How Do You Chat Up a Tall Girl, Then?

Two words: with difficulty. We are a rare species, therefore tend to attract attention without trying and, most of the time, for the wrong reasons. So, do not blame us for being suspicious, OK. There is no universal recipe that I can give you, neither am I trying to be a relationship coach. I am just trying to help with ideas and examples. I cannot deny that, in all fairness, not all messages I receive are bad. Or nearly as blunt as those I published in my post “How Not To Chat Up A Tall Girl“.

Here are some examples of texts that might possibly get you the girl’s attention.

Before you press “Send”, please, don’t forget that the girl may already be “taken” or simply not interested in pursuing a new relationship. If she doesn’t reply, please, please, do not persevere! Otherwise you will be taken as a “bad guy”, or just simply ignored or blocked.

So, here is what my Facebook Messenger shows that I would say is not too bad (punctuation and grammar unedited):

  • You’re very beautiful Angelina!! May i send a friend request please?
  • Hi Angelina nice to meet you! ? I am from Chile and i m tall guy for my country at 6’1. How tall are you? I like tall women ? Thanks!
  • Hi Angelina how are you ?
  • Hi Angelina i like your name like to be your friend
  • Hey there ? You are very beautiful ?
  • Hi Angela iove been in tall woman Community can you send me a friends request? Paul
  • Hello Angelina,you sure are pretty and so tall!Can we chat sometimes?
  • Hello Angelina. You look beautiful Angelina. Nice to meet you
  • Hi Angelina. Merry Christmas! I’m one of those fellows who is very fond of very tall women. Let’s be friends?
  • wow you are absolutely stunning. I am Dimitris and I live/work in LDN. I would love to meet you and get to know you beautiful
  • Beautiful woman
  • Hello gorgeous
  • Hi Angelina! Nick here, from London
  • Hii beautiful lady how r u (this is not that good, but I would say borderline)
  • helllo beautiful tall lady
  • Hi tall lady
  • was wondering if you would friend me and share your posts. liked your you tube interview. hope to be a Facebook friend! keep smiling,bill
  • Hi It’s seems your profile is full Maybe next time
My words of advice for those of you who are trying to chat up a tall girl online:
  • Rule No 1: Be respectful. Works wonders. Not just in your first message but throughout your communication with her, if you are lucky enough to receive a reply. Show interest in who she is as a person, rather than just in her appearance.
  • Make her a compliment. A nice one. And make sure it sounds sincere. If you actually mean it, even better.
  • Do not ask questions about her shoe size, dress size, leg length, or her height even. Any of this information is personal and it is not OK to approach someone with this kind of questions. Plus, some of us have already made this information available publicly, and the fact you don’t know it shows how little you are actually interested. One example that always gets me is guys asking me how tall I am. This is all over my blog, man! And on my Gravatar. And on my social media channels. Do your research before asking questions.
  • Do not insist on her replying or adding you. If she wants to, she will. If she doesn’t, you will only annoy her, which is not what you want, surely.
  • If you decide to send her a photo, make sure it shows you in a neutral light, rather than showing off your muscles, making you look very Macho, or, God forbid, displaying particular parts of your body that cannot be unseen.
  • Have self respect. If she doesn’t reply, move on. She is not the only one, and you will, one day, meet The One.
How To Contact Me

Since I have learnt my lesson the hard way and nowadays tend to ignore any messages from strangers, if you are genuinely interested in making contact with me, write to me. I am on And do your research, read my blog and be interesting. I love to hear from my readers, as they are the reason this blog exists.

And, for the record, I am taken. 🙂


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