My Portfolio: Who Are The Guests On My Website

As my blog gradually expands into a “proper” website, I find it is about time I made it easier to find the names of those guests who have featured on it. Some of them are now my long-term partners; others may have only been interviewed by me once. What all of them have in common, though, is that they are all talented and interesting people and brands.

This list will be getting longer and longer: my, so to speak, blog portfolio.

So, who are they?

Tall Fashion:

Belle Grande

Tall Slim Tees

WalkTall Shoes

William Mahone

XLT Clothing

Plus 2 Clothing

My Tall Wardrobe

Tall Boys Apparel

Big Clothing 4U

American Tall

Tall Models

Fashion model Augustina 

Fitness model Ivana

Tall dating coach Greta

Where To Shop – Tall Clothing and Shoes (I am affiliated with these brands so may receive a small commission if you purchase anything by clicking on their links below):

So Long Sven

Tall Slim Tees

WalkTall Shoes

Tall Websites:


Big and Tall News

The Junoesque

Tall Singles


Other Fashion Websites:

High Street Fit Finder

Fashion Designer Pavel Badzhakov (Pavzo)


Rock Musicians:

DC Cooper of Royal Hunt

Andre Andersen of Royal Hunt

Mike LePond of Symphony X

Swirl the Band

Parallel Minds

Graig Lindgren of Devilstrip

Xander Demos

Vinne Salvatore of American Dog

Andalusia Rose

James Scott of the Domestics

Domby of Pojar

Stefan Geraksiev (Stefo Denvara) of Denvar


US-UX expat writer Ellen Hawley


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